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True Italian Pasta Week in Berlin: 15€ to taste the best pasta recipes in town, drinks included

1 week, 32 Italian restaurants, 15€ for a pasta specialty and a drink: the True Italian Pasta Week 2022 is just around the corner. Gnocchi al tegamino with guanciale and walnuts served with taleggio cheese cream; Buckwheat pizzoccheri with dandelion, farm salty ricotta, and garden herbs; Lasagna with ricotta and truffles; Tagliatelle with yellow tomatoes […]


Pumpkin gnocchi: a colourful and very tasty first course

The perfect recipe for autumn Sundays Pumpkin is widely used in Italian cuisine: pumpkin cake, baked pumpkin, pumpkin risotto… Today introduce you Gnocchi di Zucca (Pumpkin gnocchi), a variation of traditional gnocchi. The perfect handmade first course for your autumn Sundays, to share with your family. The dough is based on a few simple ingredients […]


Trattoria means tradition and authenticity

The common imagery pictures the trattoria as a rustic and welcoming place. Is this dreaming vision nowadays still alive? The (very) good answer is: yes! Trattorie as we imagine still exist and they are all over Italy. Welcoming and informal places, where people sit at tables covered by a white and red square tablecloth, food […]


Italian cheeses: here are the excellences to taste

Cheeses: one of the products that the world envy to Italy Italy is one of the European countries with one of the largest number of products recognized as Protected Designation of Origin (DOP), Protected Geographical Indication (IPG), and Traditional Speciality Guaranteed (STG). Many of these products are cheeses. Italy is known all over the world […]


Fettuccelle, a traditional homemade Italian pasta

Fettuccelle and a bit of its history Fettuccelle is a typical Italian homemade pasta. It’s originally from the central and southern Italy and It is made from a mixture of semolina and egg. Fettuccelle is part of the Fettuccine family and are mainly used in Roman cuisine to make great traditional dishes as for example […]


Emilia Romagna’s best treat: gnocco fritto

Top street food delicacy Gnocco Fritto is one of the most famous and delicious dishes of Italian cuisine. This recipe belongs to traditional Emilian gastronomy and it’s one of the most known street food in the country. All over Italy, this specialty is known also with other names as for example Fried Pie (Parma), Chisulén […]


Lasagne, the most beloved Italian first course

Lasagna, the perfect dish for a Sunday with family! Lasagna is the first traditional course par excellence and it is a national heritage. This rich and savoury dish has its origin in the city of Bologna, in Emilia Romagna. It’s one of the most famous and most typical Italian dish known all over the world. […]


8 Italian foods which are very hard to translate into English

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Written by Arnaldo Pangia Italy is one of the most biodiverse territories in Europe, and that includes both in terms of flora and fauna. That’s why you don’t have to doubt your translator’s skills whenever you’re having a hard time translating traditional ingredients or dishes: truth is we Italians are referring to […]