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Restaurant Sicula Bar, BerlinRestaurant Sicula Bar

Lavoro a Berlino, il ristorante Sicula Bar cerca un cuoco con esperienza pregressa nel settore

Sicula Bar cerca cuoco con esperienza Lavoro a Berlino, Sicula…

Italian not-waste leftover cuisine

The not-waste-leftover of the meals is an important concept…

Penne lisce or penne rigate? Obviously PENNE LISCE. But why?

What is the type of Penne Italians prefer? Lisce (smooth) or Rigate (with little grooves on it), and why do they choose one or the other?

Slow food: from the early origins to today’s Chefs influencers

A dissenting voice to the fast food trend: slow food set light on the importance of a full, sit-down meal and its physical as well as mental benefits.