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Panettone di San Biagio

In Milan, on the 3rd of February, it’s tradition to eat panettone left over from the holidays. Do you know why?

The story behind the patron San Biagio In Italy, as the “protector…
Torrone e nougat

Torrone: the Christmas treat par excellence

Torrone is a traditional Italian treat widespread throughout…
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Italian Christmas Market 2022: a unique festival that celebrates Italian culture and food in Berlin

On December 3 and 4, Arena Berlin will host the market celebrating the Italian Christmas atmosphere in the form of food and art.

Be inspired by our New Year’s Eve Italian menu: unique and original

This important day is slowly approaching, and we can already…
mercatini natale

Christmas markets in Italy, the ones not to miss

Experience Christmas at its most Although Christmas is a purely religious holiday,…

Italian Christmas Market: an amazing event to celebrate the Italian Christmas with food and artisans in Berlin

Italian Christmas Market Saturday December 11th from 11 AM to…

Marzipan, a very ancient sweet tradition

Marzipan, a very ancient sweet tradition in the whole world