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The official guide to the True Italian Focaccia in Berlin

Hey, Italian food lovers! How many of you have ever tasted…

A delicacy straight from the sea: bottarga

A modest start for such a bougie ingredient The origin of this…

Parmigiana, funghetto, caponata or even covered in chocolate: let’s cook some aubergines!

Aubergine, one of the most popular vegetables, really versatile in its preparation, and the main character in the Mediterranean diet!

Arancini or arancina? No matter what, Italy celebrates them on 13th of December

This Sicilian typical and very tasty street food star has 2 names, but the same ingredients. And it even has a celebration day, on 13th of December.

Sarde, treasure of the Mediterranean Sea

Even if it's not a fancy fish, we can find sarde in a lot of ancient and modern recipes, but do you know where they come from and all of its preparations?

World Pasta Days, in 10 German cities the party of the best gluten free, bio and whole wheat pasta recipes

To celebrate the World Pasta Day the Italian trade agency and True Italian are organizing an Event centred on the symbol of Italian cuisine: Pasta!