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Sicilian granita, a typical refreshing treat

Sicilian granita is the symbol Italian of summer, an easy refreshing…

10 delightful Italian street food specialities you can find at our Italian Street Food Festival 2021

Street food means practicality, taste and tradition. Let's discover…

Arancini or arancina? No matter what, Italy celebrates them on 13th of December

This Sicilian typical and very tasty street food star has 2 names, but the same ingredients. And it even has a celebration day, on 13th of December.

Tag Archive for: sicilian food

Sicilian specialities

Sicula Bar

Sicula Bar A. Barbagallo Di Mauro was founded in 1911 in Fiumefreddo…
Sicilian food


Trancina Federica and Giovanni have decided to bring with them…