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Sweet truffles, a real cuddle

Chocolate truffles reached their peak in the 80's and 90's,…

Sunday lunch for 15€, truffle season and tasty desserts! Here are the True Italian Food News of the week

Berlin, get ready for an exciting True Italian week! Berlin…

Torta Tenerina: the “cake of lovers”

A fan favorite among chocolate lovers Hardcore chocolate lovers…

So easy, so delicious: the Fregolotta cake

The important thing is to share it until the last "fregola" The…

Coconut and Nutella cake: the perfect match

Coconut lovers, this irresistible combination will not disappoint…

Parmigiana, funghetto, caponata or even covered in chocolate: let’s cook some aubergines!

Aubergine, one of the most popular vegetables, really versatile in its preparation, and the main character in the Mediterranean diet!

Vin brûlé: the perfect winter beverage  

Vin brûlé is Europeans' favourite beverage during winter. What not everyone know is that this type of beverage has antique origins and different variations. 

The most famous Italian desserts worldwide

The excellence of Italian Cuisine: desserts deserve a place of honour among the worldwide most famous and most appreciated Italian culinary products.

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sicilian ice cream

Peggy Bee

Peggy Bee Everything is made here in the kitchen, using the…