True Italian Pizza Street Festival

Best Berlin pizzerias united in one location



On Saturday 20th and Sunday 21th of July 2024


Best Berlin pizzerias united in one location


Jules B-Part, Park am Gleisdreieck
Luckenwalder Str. 6b, 10963 Berlin

The third edition of the True Italian Pizza Street Festival is just around the corner. On 20 and 21 July at Jules B-Part in Gleisdreieck Park, we’ll be celebrating pizza – in all its shapes, colours and flavours – with some of the city’s best pizzerias!

From Neapolitan to Roman pizza, from fried pizza to pinsa, plenty of vegan options and a completely glutenfree stand… this is what to expect at the True Italian Pizza Street Festival!

All the pizzerias will offer two gourmet pizzas in addition to the classics, Margherita and Marinara, giving room to their creativity and adding a special touch to the event!

L’Antica Pizzeria Da Michele, Focacceria San Francesco X Club der Visionaere, Gemello Vegan Pizza, Lovebirds, Malafemmena, Mangiare Berlin, NeaPizza 1889, Prometeo, Sanpietrino, Selecta Modern Pizza, Spaccanapoli Nr. 12, Storia – Pizza al taglio, Trattoria LuNa, W Pizza… all side by side for one weekend in a beautiful open air location!


Dear pizzaiolos to be, are you ready to discover all the secrets of your favourite meal?

Thanks to the masterclasses and demos of Scuola Italiana Pizzaioli you’ll get the chance to unveil all the must knowns and get their tips for the perfect pizza.


  • 12.00 – Proud to be Pizza Maker (hands on workshop)

Hands-on workshop in which you will learn how to shape and serve a perfect classic round pizza.

  • 14.30 – “La pizza di Roma” (demo)

Pizza in pala is a style of pizza typical of Central Italy, especially Rome and neighbouring regions. It is a high hydration dough with many variations that affect the structure, quality and aesthetics of the result.

Scuola Italiana Pizzaioli proposes a masterclass to learn the main techniques of production, leavening, drafting and baking of pizza in pala, classic and hydrated; followed by a tasting of the pizzas made by their Master Instructor.

  • 16.30 – “The perfect home pizza” (demo)

Pizza in teglia is the street food pizza par excellence and also the most commonly made in Italian homes. Thin or honeycombed, soft or crispy, pan pizza unites all of Italy; ideal with traditional ingredients and versatile to accommodate your gourmet recipes.

In this masterclass you will discover all the secrets to making the best pan pizza in your home oven.

  • 18.30 – Proud to be Pizza Maker (hands on workshop)

Hands-on workshop in which you will learn how to shape and serve a perfect classic round pizza.


The hands-on masterclasses “Proud to be Pizza Maker” costs 20 €. 

Spots are limited, to secure yours, please send us an e-mail at specifying which of the following masterclasses you would like to attend and we will send you a link for advance payment:


  • 18.30 – Proud to be Pizza Maker 


  • 12.00 – Proud to be Pizza Maker 
  • 18.30 – Proud to be Pizza Maker 


L’Antica Pizzeria Da Michele

Special pizzas

VEGAN: tomato, basil, red and yellow cherry tomatoes, oil

NON VEGAN: tomato, basil, Pecorino cheese, Fiordilatte di Agerola, Cicoli, oil

Focacceria San Francesco X Club der Visionaere

Special pizzas

PIZZA BIANCA: with Parmesan cream, Mortadella, ricotta and burrata Stracciatella, pistachio cream

XL CALZONE CANNOLO: with sheep ricotta cheese with pistachio cream, Nutella and hazelnut crunch

Gemello Vegan Pizza

Special pizzas

AMALFI: lemon, green pesto, fresh parsley and mint, sumac

POSH: vegan sour cream, pear, vegan Camembert, walnuts, cranberry jam, rosemary

Lovebirds (also gluten free)

Special pizzas:

PIZZA AMATRICIANA: San Marzano DOP tomato sauce, crispy baked guanciale, onions, stracciatella, pecorino romano

PIZZA [A]NORMA: San Marzano DOP slices, backed aubergines, stracciatella, fresh basil


Special pizzas:

WHITE DIAVOLA WITH HONEY: Fiordilatte, spicy salami, spicy oil, honey, crispy onion

ZUCCHINI VEGAN: Zucchini cream, pulled onions, white and black sesame seeds

Malafemmena – fried pizzas

Special pizzas:



Mangiare Berlin

Special pizzas:

FIOR DI ZUCCA: Fior di latte, zucchini flowers, ricotta, yellow Datterino tomatoes

FIOR DI ZUCCA VEGANA: zucchini, zucchini flowers & double tomato sauce

NeaPizza 1889

Special pizzas:

CúrcumÀ: roast potatoes cream with rosemary and turmeric, mozzarella, bacon

BEAT THE ROOTS: zucchini cream, vegetable mix, beetroot mayo, mozzarella / vegan mozzarella


Special pizzas:

PARMIGIANA: tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, fried eggplant, parmesan cheese

PORCHETTA: focaccia with homemade porchetta


Special pizzas:

HAM AND FIGS PINSA: white with fiordilatte, ham, figs, Philadelphia creme, basil and EVO oil

MORTADELLA AND FENNEL PINSA: white with fiordilatte, Favola mortadella, mustard marinated fennel, basil and EVO oil

Selecta Modern Pizza

Special pizzas:

PIZZA N.1: zucchini cream, marinated zucchini carpaccio, confit cherry tomatoes, roasted almonds

PIZZA N.2: tomato sauce, fior d’Agerola mozzarella, Wagyu salami, Asiago fondue

Spaccanapoli Nr. 12

Special pizzas:

GOLDEN AGE: yellow tomato, mozzarella, grated parmesan, guanciale, zucchini, basil

CASH FLOW: aubergine cream, smoked provola, mozzarella, peppers, olives, mint

Storia, pizza al taglio

Special pizzas:

MS. POET POM (VEGAN): walnut sauce (with mixed herbs, red onion, pomegranate juice), roasted aubergine, dried tomato, fresh mint

STARRY NIGHT (VEGETARIAN): mozzarella fior di latte, roasted potato, mixed vegetable pickes, fresh rosemary, unsmached black peppercorns

Trattoria LuNa

Special pizzas:

PATATONA BIANCA: bianca with potatoes and rosemary

HAPPY LIFE: pizza with canape flour dough, basil pesto and cannabis base, with rocket and grana cheese

W Pizza

Special pizzas:

PICANTE: tomato sauce, Fior Di Latte IGP, spicy salami, organic Stracciatella, oregano, Parmigiano Reggiano, olive oil

PRETTY FLY FOR A WHITE PIE: white with buffalo mozzarella, guanciale/artichoke, lemon-cashew-coriander pesto, Parmigiano, lemon zest

& for an extra sweet treat Kuchen von Gaia