True Italian Pasta Week


From tagliatelle to orecchiette, trying some gnocchi and ravioli too: for a whole week several restaurants offer every kind of pasta you can ever dream of.  All participating restaurants offer two particular pasta dishes, combining them with a good glass of wine, a Spritz or a soft drink for the special price of 15€.

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The event 2022 has been featured by these media: B.Z., Berliner Zeitung, Stern, Zeit, Morgenpost, Faz, Süddeutsche Zeitung, RTL, Augsburger Allgemeine, Mit Vergnügen und Food Vergnügen, visitBelrin, Berlin for my freinds, Travel-Food-Art, Amour Food, Schiller Gourmetreisen, Kulinariker, CeeCee, Eating in Berlin, Claudia Campus, Travelista Linda, Foodies Berlin, Berlin Food Explosion, Edelstoff Berleen, Berlin Food Adventures, nazothecook, Hungry in Berlin, The Columbist, Belrinfood Isabellannhi, Lovely Berlin, Efi Cass, Doeninberljin, Lado Belrin Magazine, Marianne Renella, What Vivi Eats, LPJ Berlin, Ute Schirmack, Bennis Buffet, Pasta Lovers 5012, Eva Schäfers.

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2021 event edition:

33 participating restaurants

14€ for a first course of fresh pasta, an Aperol Spritz, or glass of wine

More than 2000 True Italian specialties were sold in the event week

The event has been featured by these media: Tagesspiegel, FORUM Magazine, TV Berlin, Spreeradio, QIEZ, B.Z., Mit Vergnügen, Berlin Loves You, Berlin Amateurs, Stimme der Hauptstadt, Kulinariker, Gourmetreisen, Visit Berlin, Creme Guide, MitteBitte, AbendBlatt, Awesome Berlin, Eating in Berlin, Food Taster Berlin, What to Eat in Berlin, Foodies Berlin, Foodistisch, Berlin Food Ventures, Naz The Cook, Marianne Renella.

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2018 event edition:

29 participating restaurants

10€ for a first course of fresh pasta and a glass of wine

More than 3.300 True Italian specialties sold in the event week

The event has been featured by these media: B.Z., RS2, DPA, Die Welt, Berliner Zeitung,, Focus Online, Mit Vergnügen, Berlin Loves You, InBerlin, Berlin Amateurs, Qiez, Berliner Lokalnachrichten, Gourmetresien, Le Matin, RTL, T-online, Visit Berlin, Ask Helmut, Carpe Diem, EastSeven Hostel, My Guide Berlin, 9colonne, Snapitaly Magazine,

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2019 event edition:

35 participating restaurants

12€ for a first course of fresh pasta, an Aperol Spritz or glass of wine and 1 amaro

More than 4000 True Italian specialties sold in the event week

The event has been featured by these media: Siegessäule, Hertha BSC Magazin, Mit Vergnügen, Berlin Amateurs,, Ortel Mobile, BerlinFaces, VisitBerlin, Was geht heute ab, Foodvergnügen, Lucreziaoddone, Berlogram,, marianne.rennella, food_in_berlin, Smamunir, Double.shot.collective, Berlin Poche, Learn Italian with Lucrezia.

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