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franzconde from Amsterdam, The Netherlands, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Bresaola: the healthiest and most delicious cured meat from Italy

Learn more about this appetizer that has been around for ages…

Teste di moro, a traditional Neapolitan cake with an atypical name

A delicious Italian masterpiece Teste di moro, or mallomars,…

Brustengolo, an unusual but surprisingly delicious mixture of cornflour and nuts

The most typical Perugian cake, the brustengolo If you are planning…

The Olympic Games are here! Let’s discover the athletes’ diet choices to achieve the perfect performances

Each and every athlete has to have its specific calorie intake…

Breakfast around the world: how to get the most important meal of the day right

It is no secret that breakfast is regarded as the most important meal of the day: but what is actually the right way to have a healthy breakfast and how do different cultures try to reach it?

The benefits of eating seasonally

Eating seasonally was the rule once. Today the tie with the local economy has weakened: which would the advantages of going back to a seasonal diet be?

How the plant-based, whole wheat and organic trends have changed the way we think about pasta

Even simple food like Pasta is being revisited: diving into the world of organic, whole wheat, plant-based and gluten-free.

Pizza, a food that is also good for your health. Here is why

Written by Gabriella Quercia Pizza margherita is good for your…

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Calibocca True Italian cuisine and pizza in the heart of Charlottenburg.…