10 original and surprising Italian recipes

Here are 10 original ideas for giving Italian recipes the touch of novelty and fun you were looking for

Creativity and versatility are the qualities that make cooking so much fun, and fun itself is an essential part of cooking. Finding new ideas in cuisine is not always easy, but sometimes all it takes is a small detail, a simple ingredient added and voila: a totally new and surprising dish is born. Here you can find some of our suggestions for 10 original dishes you can easily make at home while feeling like an authentic gourmet chef.

Lasagne alla tabarchina

Lasagne is the most ancient type of pasta known of: originated in the Middle East, it has become one of the most iconic dishes of the Italian tradition. Everyone knows Lasagne alla Bolognese, but what about an unusual, niche Lasagna?

Lasagne alla tabarchina is an excellent alternative for a new, original taste: prepared with béchamel, tomato sauce, pesto and palamita, the Atlantic bonito, this Ligurian recipe is the perfect option for seafood lovers!

Risotto with smoked ham and trail mix

Here is a suggestion to add a slightly crunchy feeling to the characteristic creaminess of risotto: smoked ham and some trail mix is an interesting combination for giving a new flavour to this traditional Italian dish. It may be particularly ideal for an autumn meal, but there are no limits to its versatility: this is one of those recipes that anyone can just enjoy whenever feeling in the mood!

Rigatoni with salmon, gorgonzola cheese and pistachio

Looking for a new way to cook pasta? Here is an idea that will surprise all of your guests: this quite unusual mix creates a creamy sauce where the flavours blend perfectly and bring together even the most stubborn seafood lover, cheese addicted and pistachio enthusiast among your friends. It is nothing but pasta served with a cream of salmon and gorgonzola cheese briefly cooked together and a sprinkle of pistachio grain on top of everything… mouth-watering!


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Pasta with mussels and almonds

Now that summer is finally just around the corner, our craving for seafood pasta is waking up, too. We suggest this unusual alternative to the more classic pasta with mussels: indeed, the almonds are an original idea for adding a touch of uniqueness to a conventional dish. You can use whole almonds or almond grain and enrich it with pepper, curry or any of your favourite spices.


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Pork fillet in pistachio and almonds crust

Pork fillet is one of the most versatile kinds of meat as it can be cooked in many different ways, never losing its appeal. Perfect for all ages, kids will especially love this original, flavoursome version with pistachio and almonds: the name may remind you of a sophisticated, refined recipe from fancy restaurants but the preparation is actually pretty simple… in fact, too simple! With such a dish you will undoubtedly make a great impression on guests of all kinds, ages and tastes.

Smoked sword fish carpaccio with apple and rocket salad

This seafood based dish is a special and light appetizer where the flavour of the smoked sword fish, the spicy rocket, the delicate texture of apples and the creamy sourness of the mustard and yogurt sauce work together in a surprising way. Light and fresh, it is a perfect alternative to a classic salad and with the warm weather it will feel just like being at the seaside again.


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Cod fish with pears

No, you did not misread that: cod fish with pears can be a quite interesting option for an extra-ordinary dinner with your family and friends. Inspired by the most known Pescistocco alla Messinese, a traditional Sicilian recipe, this original variant is particularly rich and nutritious thanks to the addition of ingredients such as potatoes, raisins, olives, pine nuts and, of course, the final touch of class: sweet, juicy pears.

Cold roast pork with mint

Do you know that feeling when summer has finally come in its full glory, days are hotter than hell and you regretfully remember you are going to have meat for dinner? You can forget it now: this cold roast pork with mint will make you love meat even in the hottest of days. Served cold, with a fresh sauce made of mint and vinegar and garnished with a few slices of chilli pepper, this dish is a mandatory recipe to have in your repertoire.


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Tiramisu with caramelised apricots

Tiramisu with caramelised apricots is a fresh and lighter variant of the classic tiramisu, more famous but rather heavy dessert. Again, it is an alternative which is perfect for summer: made with apricot juice instead of coffee and garnished with caramelised apricots instead of cocoa powder, this version of tiramisu may be a little lighter, but the result is a dessert which is in no way inferior to the original thanks to the strong, fruity fragrance of orange and, of course, apricot.

Sbrisolona with bananas

If, on the contrary, the dessert you are looking for is far from light, a Sbrisolona with bananas could be the perfect choice: Sbrisolona is a cake from the North of Italy and its name comes from the dialect word “brisa” which means crumb. Indeed, this cake has a very inhomogeneous appearance as it is made of rough dough which is arranged in big, uneven pieces and then broken with the hands instead of being cut into slices. The delicious dough is rich with almonds, sugar and butter, but if you like going big bananas will make the perfect addition.


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