Win a Koda 12 Ooni oven by entering the Pizza Street Festival photo contest

True Italian launches a never-seen-before event, the True Italian Pizza Street Festival. For the occasion, it proposes a photo contest with a portable gas oven by Ooni as a prize!

The most original event of this summer in Berlin is finally around the corner. This weekend, on Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 July 2022, from 11 am to 10 pm, at the Jules B-Part Am Gleisdreieck (Luckenwalder Str. 6b), will take place an event never seen before in Germany: the True Italian Pizza Street Festival, the first street festival dedicated to authentic pizza. Everything has already been organized, 10 of the best pizzerias in Berlin will be there, and to make sure nothing is missing, the event will be enriched by an extensive program of DJ sets and entertainment. You can find more info at this link.

But surprises do not end there, because there is also the opportunity to participate in a photo contest and win a powerful portable gas oven Koda 12 by Ooni. The oven is exceptional and allows you to bake a Neapolitan pizza in just 60 seconds.

Keep reading to find out how to enter the contest.

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Pizza Street Festival 2022 photo contest: how to participate

This contest rewards the originality and creativity of the shots. It’s easy to participate: come to the True Italian Pizza Street Festival on Saturday, July 16th, and /or Sunday, July 17th, at Jules B-Part in Gleisdreick park and take a photo with your favorite pizza. Put all your creativity and imagination into your shots and post them on your Instagram profile. A tip: The more originality and distinctiveness the shots have, the better your chances of being selected by the jury.

The rules to follow when publishing your post (pictures, video or REEL, but no stories!) to be eligible for the contest are as follows:

How to win the contest

The True Italian jury will select the ten most beautiful, original, and funny photos. Once the selection process is completed, the ten most creative photos will be published via Instagram stories on the @trueitalianfood profile on Tuesday, July 19th, and our followers will determine through polls, by tapping on ? or?, which photo deserves the fantastic portable gas oven Koda 12 Ooni. After the deadline for Instagram stories, that is, 24 hours after their publication, we will announce and contact the winner of the contest. The winner will be the photo that received the most ? among the ten selected photos. In case of a tie, the photo published first will be the winner.


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Un post condiviso da True Italian (@trueitalianfood)

The Koda 12 Ooni portable gas oven for preparing Neapolitan pizza in just 60 seconds

The person who takes the most original photo of the event will win the fantastic oven Koda 12 by Ooni. A portable gas oven that can bake the Neapolitan pizza everyone has always wanted, right at your own home. The lucky winner will be able to make pizza outdoors, while traveling or camping, in a relaxed, easy and fun way because you can always take the oven with you. With a weight of about 9 kg, the oven is very light and easy to carry. You can use it immediately without having to wait. All you have to do is open the foldable legs, insert the all-stone cooking area and connect it to a simple gas cylinder. The oven is equipped with an instant gas ignition system and can reach a temperature of 500° C in just 15 minutes, so you can bake the pizza very quickly and with incredible results. You will feel like tasting Neapolitan pizza as if you were in a pizzeria in the alleys of Naples. We reveal another secret: the oven can also be used for baking fresh bread, as well as for roasting fish, vegetables, or steaks.

May the best picture win!

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