It’s time to celebrate again: Restaurants and bars are opening their indoor areas

Restaurants will be able to open their indoor dining rooms starting this weekend. From June 4th, customers eating outside will no longer have to present a negative test.

Bars, restaurants and pubs were reopened in Berlin on Friday 21st May. This was a partial return to normality, as drinking could only take place in outdoor areas. In order to drink a beer or have lunch, it was compulsory to present a negative covid test, a duty that completes vaccinated or recently cured people were not required to observe. The Senate had planned to reopen the indoor rooms from June 18th. But the steady improvement in the pandemic situation in Berlin has prompted the city government to bring forward the reopening. As early as this weekend, starting on Friday 4 June, restaurants, bars and pubs will be able to welcome their customers inside again. The Senate has also decided to remove the requirement to present a negative test when sitting outside, although this will remain a duty for those who wish to stay inside.

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