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Saltimbocca alla romana, a typical recipe from the Roman tradition but also from the splendid Pontine archipelago

One of the most beautiful Italian archipelagos, the Pontine Islands, lies on the Tyrrhenian Sea near the cities of Rome and Naples.

Ponza, Ventotene, Santo Stefano, Gavi, Zanone and Palmarola are islands of volcanic origin, offering uncontaminated nature, both on land and sea.

Wild beaches, promontories, steep cliffs, and historic Roman sites make these islands a popular holiday destination for those seeking a break in close contact with sea and nature while immersed in the charm of history.

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In addition to the terrestrial wonderland, enhanced by sunsets and breathtaking landscapes, the waters surrounding these islands are an unparalleled paradise of the sea. Snorkeling and diving enthusiasts can enjoy the seabed, which offers an impressive aquatic landscape, rich in fauna and vegetation, as well as sunken wrecks and underwater caves, all very fascinating.

The Pontine archipelago is a favourite destination for tourists, not only in summer but thanks to its mild climate, is also a great destination in autumn.

Cuciniamo Italy shares more about these enchanting islands and their typical local dishes: the fresh and seasonal recipes are, indeed, another good reason to visit these places.

Traditional local cuisine is simple and made using local ingredients: fish, legumes, but also game are the main ingredients.


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Saltimbocca alla romana

Located only a few kilometers from the Roman capital, the local cuisine is strongly influenced by it, and among the favourite dishes of the islands is one typical of the Capital’s tradition, saltimbocca alla romana.

This recipe, made with veal, cold ham, and sage, has its roots in history. Supposedly, the first to reveal its recipe was Pellegrino Artusi, the master par excellence of the Italian culinary tradition, towards the end of the 19 th century.

Saltimbocca is a quick and very tasty dish that is usually enjoyed by young and old alike. As with any recipe, there are a few little ‘secrets‘ to follow during its preparation that make it even more appetising.

Cuciniamo Italy reveals 5 tricks you need to know for the perfect “saltimbocca alla romana.”

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