True Italian Pizza Award Berlin 2021 – People’s choice: the 64 most voted pizzerias

Here are the 64 most voted pizzerias in Berlin from last week’s True Italian contest: now it’s time for the real competition to start

It started as a list of more than 150 pizzerias, and they resulted in just 64 runners. But now, the real competition has to start. The second phase of the True Italian Pizza Award Berlin 2021 – People’s Choice is here: a contest that aims to find the best pizzeria in Berlin, based on Berlin’s people votes and choices. It’s of course really hard to make a comparison among all of these pizzerias, as there are many different kinds and arts of it. Therefore, look at this award competition simply as a game and a chance to get to know new places in your neighbourhood, loved and recognized by fellow citizens. Besides, it is not the vote of the experts, but of the people.

Enough with the talking, let’s focus on the contest.

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True Italian Pizza Award Berlin 2021 – People’s choice – the board development

In the last few weeks, more than 600 people voted their 3 favourite best pizzerias in town. Starting from the first 150 contestant pizzerias list, we selected 64 pizzerias that will compete head-to-head, every week from Monday to Friday. The board was made with 16 seeded. That means that the 16 most voted pizzerias from the first selections will challenge only in the Eighth-finals, the first 8 only in the Quarterfinals, the first 4 only in the Semifinal and the first 2 only in the Final.

True Italian Pizza Award Berlin 2021 – People’s choice. How to vote

You can vote only through the Instagram stories on the True Italian account: @trueitalianfood. The stories will be uploaded daily around 2-3 pm and Every 24 hours there will be a match. That means 5 matches every week. The contest will last 13 weeks. The first match will be on February 8th, and up to 24 hours you will be able to vote your favorite between the first two opponents. The next day we will have the second match and we will inform you about the winner from the previous day. Facebook votes, in private messages or comments to posts and articles, will not apply.

You can check the board HERE.


True Italian Pizza Award Berlin 2021 – People’s choice, the 64 pizzerias taking part in the contest

Nini e Pettirosso
Tiny’s Pizza
Zeus Pizzeria
L’Antica Pizzeria Da Michele
Futura Neapolitan Pizza
Pizzeria LuNa
Gazzo Pizza
W Pizza
Ammazza che Pizza
Mami Camilla
Pizza Koons
Zerostress Pizza
A’ Magica
I Due Forni
Il Ritrovo
Fratelli La Bionda
Il Casolare
Il Giradischi
La Stella Nera
Papà Pane di Sorrento
Pepe Nero Trattoria Pizzeria
Salami Social Club
De’ Noantri
Il Pizzaiolo
Come Va Va
Marina Blu
La Piadina
Parma di Vinibenedetti
Pazzi X Pizza
Pizza Nostra
Rosso Berlin
12 Apostoli
Amici Amici
La Lupa e L’Orso
Pizzeria Toros
Trattoria Lauretta
Trattoria Libau
Trattoria Rathaus Piazza
Antichi Aromi
Bravo Mario
II Pane e le rose
Il Trio
Olio Sale Pepe
Piazza Bra
Ristorante & Vinobar CaliBocca