72 hrs True Italian Food Festival 2022, the greatest party of the regional Italian cuisine in Berlin

72 hours, 41 Italian restaurants in Berlin, 8€ for an Aperol Spritz together with a small portion of a selected Italian specialty: this is the sixth edition of the 72 hrs True Italian Food Festival.

Deep-fried anchovies breaded with breadcrumbs, pecorino, and mint, Venus rice focaccia topped with potato cream, cooked ham, and smoked scamorza cheese, Spaghettoni alla Carbonara, homemade green potato-zucchini gnocchi in a three-cheese sauce, Frisella with confit tomatoes, homemade canestrini with truffle pesto, octopus burger with homemade bread and octopus mayonnaise, Fried courgette flowers stuffed with ricotta and provola, Sfincione Palermitano & Arancina, Purè di Fave con Friggitelli, Burger with salsiccia….
These are just some of the Italian regional specialties that you can enjoy from April 6th to 9th in 41 selected restaurants in Berlin together with an Aperol Spritz, a glass of wine, a beer or a Crodino for only 8€. The 72 hrs True Italian Food Festival is just around the corner! Scroll down to discover all participating restaurants with their specialties.

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da michele

Melanzane a funghetto: Antica Pizzeria da Michele’s specialty

The 72 hrs True Italian Food event 2022: how it works

The 72 hrs True Italian Food Festival is a taste journey through the entire city for the culinary discovery of Italian cuisine in Germany. To take part, all you have to do is ask for the special 72 hrs True Italian Food Festival offer at any of the participating restaurants from 6 April at 5 pm until the evening of 9 April. In addition to the offer, each restaurant will also offer the usual menu: One can then decide whether to stay or move on to the next True Italian restaurant. Along with the small portion, you can always enjoy an Aperol Spritz, a glass of wine, a beer, or a non-alcoholic Crodino. The event is organized by Berlin Italian Communication with the sponsorship of Aperol, Acqua Panna, San Pellegrino, Hotel Mentana and The Hub Hotel.


Pizzetta bianca agli asparagi: Zollhaus Pankow’s specialty

72 hrs True Italian Food Festival 2022, the map

Italian delicacies can be found in all districts of Berlin. In order to find all participating restaurants at a glance, a map based on Berlin’s underground map will be produced, on which the True Italian Restaurants are marked next to the underground stations. You will also find the address of each restaurant and the specialties on offer. The map can be downloaded as a PDF or viewed in Google Maps. Shortly before the event it can also be found printed out in all participating restaurants or in the True Italian office at Gryphiusstr. 26 in Friedrichshain.

72 hrs True Italian Food Festival 2022, the Instagram contest

But that’s not all! As always, you can also take part in the Instagram competition. How can you do that? All you have to do is visit one of the participating restaurants during the event, take a photo and post it on your Instagram profile by 11 pm on April 9th. To do so, use the hashtag #72hrstrueitalian, tag the @trueitalianfood profile in the photo, and include the restaurant of the featured specialty as the location. Our jury will select the 10 most beautiful and imaginative photos, which will then be put to the vote on True Italian’s Instagram profile on April 11th. The prize are two different three-nights-stay, each one for two people, in two beautiful hotels in Milan. You can find more information here.


Arancino with ham and mozzarella: Trancina’s specialty

The True Italian Project

The True Italian network aims to preserve and promote Italian restaurants and food trucks in Germany that stand for authentic Italian culinary tradition. To make them identifiable, they are branded (registered with the German Patent and Trademark Office and the EUIPO). Adherence to the True Italian brand means that we offer high-quality ingredients that are processed into dishes that are in keeping with authentic Italian tradition. Besides the 72 hrs True Italian Food Festival, True Italian also organizes other events such as the Berlin Ice Cream Week (this year from May 5th to the 11th), the Italian Street Food Festival Berlin (this year on June 18th and 19th), the True Italian Pizza Week (in September) and the True Italian Pasta Week (in November).

72 hrs True Italian Food Festival Berlin 2022

From Wednesday, April 6th at 5 pm until the evening of Saturday, April 9th

In 41 selected Italian restaurants in Berlin

Facebook Event

Participating restaurants, addresses and specialties

All places are offering vegetarian option

When you see this symbol  ? the specialties is naturally vegan or a vegan option is present


?Linienstr. 113, 10115 Berlin
?Fried anchovies breaded with breadcrumbs, pecorino, and mint accompanied by lemon mayonnaise (vegetarian option available) + Spritz

?Weinbergsweg 24, 10119 Berlin
?Montanara (small fried pizza, 2 pieces) with Mortadella di Bologna, ricotta and pistachios (vegetarian option available) + Spritz

Cuore Di Vetro
? Max-Beer-Str. 33, 10119 Berlin
?Selection of tigelle and Tuscan focaccia accompanied by homemade sauces and a portion of Sardinian pizza + Aperol Spritz

Italo Fritzen
?Friedrichstr.105, 10117 Berlin
?Minestrone and tomato crostini + Aperol Spritz

La Focacceria
?Fehrbelliner Str. 24, 10119 Berlin
?Focaccia with ricotta and spinach + Aperol Spritz

? Rosenthaler Str. 3,10119 Berlin
?Venus rice focaccia stuffed with roasted potato cream, cooked ham, and smoked scamorza cheese (vegetarian option available) + Aperol Spritz

Marina Blu
?Weinbergsweg 8a, 10119 Berlin
?Marinated tuna with cucumber and cheese cream, octopus tentacle on mashed potatoes, crouton with zucchini cream and shrimp + Aperol Spritz

Mozzarella Bar&Bottega
?Auguststr. 34, 10119 Berlin
Offer available from 12 PM to 8 PM
?Pacchero stuffed with eggplants, tomato, smoked scamorza and basil pesto, crouton with butter, anchovies and guanciale, mortadella flower with goat cheese mousse, walnuts and truffle cream.+ Aperol Spritz

Pizzeria Napoletana
?Chausseestr. 56, 10115 Berlin
?Caprese di Burrata with roasted date tomatoes, pesto verde, and homemade bread + Wine


Monella Wedding
?Liebenwalder Str. 35, 13347 Berlin
?Spaghettoni alla carbonara (eggs, guanciale, Roman pecorino) + Aperol Spritz

Spazio Italian Bistrot
?Torfstr. 15, 13353 Berlin
?Sausage and pepper skewer (vegetarian option: zucchini and buffalo mozzarella skewer) + Aperol Spritz


Birra- Italian Craft Beer
?Prenzlauer Allee 198, 10405 Berlin
?Panino filled with salami, Asiago cheese and bell peppers in oil + Craft beer

La Margherita
? Danziger Str. 35, 10435 Berlin
?Homemade green potatoes and zucchini gnocchi in a three-cheese sauce (gorgonzola, taleggio, and parmesan) and walnuts +  Aperol Spritz

?Stargarderstr. 39, 10437 Berlin
?Arancino with ham and mozzarella (vegetarian and vegan option available) + Beer ?

Zollhaus Pankow
?Berliner Str. 80, 13189 Berlin
?Pizzetta Bianca Asparagi (white asparagus, raw marinated green asparagus, thyme-béchamel sauce, rocket, poached egg, chives) +
Aperol-Rhabarber-Spritz with a sprig of thyme


Barrel Weinbar
?Petersburger Platz 1, 10249 Berlin
?Bacon wrapped dates (vegetarian option available) + Aperol Spritz

CARGO gastronomia
? Samariterstr. 37, 10247 Berlin
?Frisella with confit tomatoes, garlic oil, basil, and rocket + Aperol Spritz ?

Coppa di Pasta
?Neue Bahnhofstr.25, 10245 Berlin
?Homemade Canestrini with homemade truffle pesto with grana and pine nuts + Wine

? Gärtnerstr. 12, 10245 Berlin
?Baked round courgette stuffed with goat cheese mousse, provençal seasoning, honey and pine nuts (vegan version with potatoes, artisanal black tempeh, and ginger) + Wine ?

Medeaterranean Trip
? Gabriel-Max-Str. 19, 10245 Berlin
?Octopus burger with homemade bread and octopus mayonnaise + Aperol Spritz

Sicula Bar
?Scharnweberstr. 46, 10247 Berlin
?Aperisiculo bruschette trio: artichokes, peppers, caponata + Aperol Spritz ?

Spaccanapoli Nr.12
?Wühlischstr. 12, 10245 Berlin
?Olive Ascolane und fried zucchini flowers filled with ricotta and provola + Aperol Spritz ?


Amici Amici – Sicilian Street Food
?Mehringdamm 40, 10961 Berlin
?Pistachio arancino + Aperol Spritz

?Kottbusser Damm 1, 10967 Berlin
?Palermitane sfincione (Sicilian fluffy pizza) and arancina + Crodino

Il Pizzaiolo
?Schlesische Str. 28, 10997 Berlin
?Grilled aubergine roll stuffed with ricotta and basil served with a piece of homemade bread with pesto + Aperol Spritz

? Monumentenstr. 26, 10965 Berlin
?Montanara (small fried pizza) with anchovies, taggiasche olives and Pantelleria capers (vegetarian option available: with caponata and stracciatella) + Aperol Spritz

? Forster Str. 5, 10999 Berlin
?Savoury gorgonzola biscuit + Wine

?Reichenberger Str. 109, 10999 Berlin
?Fried zucchini flowers filled with mozzarella and anchovies + Wine

Mini- Wine, Food and Cult Movies
IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Due to corona reasons MINI has to remain closed till April 12th so unfortunately they won’t be able to participate in our event.

Parma di Vinibenedetti
?Wranglerstr.90, 10997 Berlin
?Focaccia with lardo and cherry tomatoes (vegetarian option available: with mixed vegetables) + Wine

? Grimmstr. 1, 10967 Berlin
?Pane e Salame: sourdough bread & selection of cold cuts from Plataci (vegetarian option: with Sila baked cheese, vegan option: with Tropea onion mousse) + Aperol Spritz ?


? Emser Str. 120, 12051 Berlin
?Gnocchi alla Sorrentina (mozzarella and tomato sauce) + Wine

IL KINO Berlin
? Nansenstr. 22, 12047 Berlin
?Arancino with meat ragout (vegan version available) + Aperol Spritz ?

Vier Ecken – Seasonal Pizza
?Böhmische Str. 14, 12055 Berlin
?A slice of Roman style pizza Quattro Formaggi (taleggio, gorgonzola, parmesan, gouda) with marinated green asparagus (vegan option: marinara with capers, olives and garlic) + Aperol Spritz ?


Enoteca L’Angolino
? Knesebeckstr. 92, 10623 Berlin
?Sarde in saor (sweet and sour sardines) + Aperol Spritz

? Windscheidstr. 22, 10627 Berlin
?Canederlo (large gnocco from Trentino made of stale white or dark bread with flavorings) + Aperol Spritz


L’Antica Pizzeria Da Michele Berlin
?Fritz-Reuter-Straße 7, 10827 Berlin
?Melanzane “a funghetto” (eggplants with tomatoes) accompanied by focaccia + Aperol Spritz ?

? Goebenstraße 3, 10783 Berlin
?Purè di fave con friggitelli (mashed fava beans with sweet green peppers) + Aperol Spritz ?

Sironi la Pizza
? Goltzstr. 36, 10781 Berlin
?Caponata (fried aubergines with cellery, tomato sauce, olives and capers) + Aperol Spritz ?

Trattoria pizzeria LuNa
? Gotenstraße 18, 10829 Berlin
?Burger with salsiccia, friarielli and smoked scamorza cheese (vegetarian option available) + Aperol Spritz

Trattoria a’ Muntagnola
?Fuggerstr. 27, 10777 Berlin
?Beef and veal meatballs in tomato sauce with breadcrumbs, cruschi peppers and sweet paprika (vegetarian option available: bread balls) + Aperol Spritz


Cover photo: Aperisiculo bruschette trio: artichokes, peppers, caponata, Sicula Bar’s specialty