Sfincia on Father’s Day, LGBTQ+ brunch experience and more in this week’s True Italian Food News

Spring is coming and all this food news are getting us excited, let’s enjoy them!

A new queer brunch experience

Orlando food berlin is doing a new brunch experience: Thirsty Omnivores is a new, queer and all-inclusive brunch for the Berlin LGBTQ+ community. Come and bring your allies, everyone is welcome to this new inclusive experience!
Caravagginaturwein has a new specialty on the menu: Asparagus, poached egg, English cream truffle paste, and strawberry sauce. This combination sounds downright mouth-watering


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Happy Father’s Day from Cicala

Cicala cafe can never let you down!! For father’s Day, they are offering tasty Sfincia with pistachio! Creamy and crunchy… this is exactly how we like it!

Michelin Guide? Here we are with Sagrantino 136

We are glad to say that Sagrantino 136 is on the Michelin guide 2022. We all know and love Italian cuisine. But have you ever tried Italian-Peruvian fusion cuisine? And then delivered to your home anywhere in Germany! They make it possible. Two culinary worlds in one extraordinary taste experience.


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Sausages skewer at La Margherita Berlin

La Margherita Berlin has a new entry: Spiedino si Salsiccia. Delicious pork on a skewer, accompanied by salad and potatoes, don’t miss it!

The fidelity card that you didn’t know you wanted!!

Parma di Vini Benedetti has created the best fidelity card!! We know them for Bio pizza & authentic raw ingredients. Now you can finally collect points with it and get a free Margherita after 5 purchases. You can take the card to the pizzeria.

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