Arancin*, ‘Pizza a Portafoglio’, and much more. Here are the True Italian Food News of the week!

Berlin, get ready for an exciting True Italian week!

Berlin never stops and so do we. Once again we bring you all the latest food news in the city.

La Trancina: Arancine for all tastes

Did you know that at La Trancina you can taste some specialities of the Sicilian culinary tradition? In particular, we recommend that you go and try their fresh arancine, a jewel of the island’s cuisine. The varieties are numerous: Bolognese (beef and Mozzarella), arancina with spinach and Mozzarella, with ham and Mozzarella as well as vegan arancina with aubergines, so that no one is excluded! In addition, you will also find the arancina of the day, waiting for you to be discovered! What are you waiting for?


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Malafemmena, discover the special pizzas of the month

The pizzeria in Prenzlauer Berg Malafemmena, like every month, has some very tasty special pizzas in store for you. Those of the month of February are three: the “Pure Broccoli” pizza (which you see in the video below), which you can also order in a vegetarian or vegan version, which includes torzella cabbage, toasted pine nuts, buffalo Mozzarella, semi-dried cherry tomatoes, and sautéed Romanesco broccoli cream, and the “Good Fellas” pizza, with meat ragout, Provola cheese, and Burrata filled with basil cream. Finally, we have the “Maiale e Porcini” pizza, with Parmesan cream, porcini (mushrooms), black Caserta pig sausage, and Fior di Latte mozzarella, also available in a vegetarian version. If you haven’t tried them yet, don’t worry: with the start of the new month of March, Malafemmena will certainly offer new delicious pizzas.

Spazio, the pasta with truffle you must try

Spazio – Italian bistrot offers an interesting dish of pasta with one of the ingredients that Italians most often combine with their dishes in the winter months: truffles. It is in fact fresh pasta with Parmesan cheese and truffle cream, which we suggest you enjoy with a glass of good wine. Step by and don’t miss it!

Vinoteca Berlin Weinbar and their Aperitivo on Thursday evening For some time now, the Vinoteca Berlin Weinbar has been delighting us all with an unmissable offer for a Happy Hour every Thursday evening. Thursday, from 17:00 to 21:00, each Spritz will cost you only €5: you can choose between Aperol, Campari, Limoncello Spritz, and other varieties, according to your personal taste. You will be offered some tasty appetizers, too! Plus, we remind you that the Vinoteca Berlin Weinbar is the result of the change of the owner of Alto-Adige Weinbar. Before, the winery offered mostly South Tyrolean wines, now it offers specialities from the wineries of Trentino. That means: they offer not only Spritz but also quality wines!

Coppa Pasta and its Canestrini, a new variety of handmade pasta

Coppa Pasta, the Italian restaurant in Friedrichshain that is specialized in fresh handmade pasta, amazes us with a new entry in their menu: the Canestrini. Now you can therefore find this variety of pasta you can combine for example with Parmesan and whatever you like the most.


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Cheers Kiez Pizza, “Pizza a Portafoglio” of all kinds

Have you ever tried the “Pizza a Portafoglio”, that folds in on itself until it becomes mini? At Cheers Kiez Pizza, the Prenzlauer Berg’s pizzeria, you can enjoy all kinds of it.


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Enjoy your weekend and see you all next week, #trueitalianfoodies!

Cover image from La Trancina’s Instagram account