Caprese, one name three different delicacies

Each Caprese recipe refers to something completely different: it can be a chocolate cake, a salad or a sandwich, and having the same name they can all be called delicacies.

Caprese cake

If we think of Caprese as the cake, we need to talk about its origins because this dessert is the result of a ‘mistake’. In 1920, in a pastry laboratory in the Capri Island, South of Italy, a chef whose name was Carmine di Fiore, created the most delicate chocolatey dessert as a mistake. Why? Because while mixing all of the ingredients together he forgot to add flour to complete the recipe, and baked the cake in the oven. The result was this amazing cake: soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside. Since then, the cake became a symbol of the Island and its recipe spread to the Amalfi Coast and Naples, taking the name of ‘Caprese’ from the Island. This is a gluten-free recipe!


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The Caprese cake recipe is pretty easy all that you need is:

Dark chocolate 170g

Almonds 85g

Walnuts 85g

Powdered sugar 170g

Butter 170g

Potato starch 25g

Bitter Cocoa powder 14g

Egg whites 148g

Egg yolks 148g

Baking powder 4g

Vanilla 1/2

A pinch of salt

Caprese salad

If we refer to the Caprese salad, its origins are really interesting! One story says that the Caprese salad was born during the second post-war period in the Capri Island, where the name comes from. A chef particularly proud of his Italian origins, decided to create a dish with the colours of the Italian flag: in fact the ingredients of Caprese salad are basil (green), mozzarella (white) and tomatoes (red). The other story says that Caprese salad was a tribute to the artistic movement ‘futurism’ and its origins go back to the 1920 when the Quisisana Hotel had the salad on the menu for the first time as a fresh, colourful dish dedicated to art.


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As said before, the Caprese salad recipe is very easy and its ingredients recall the colours and the primary ingredients from Italy and they are:




You can add oil and spices as you like!

Caprese sandwich

The origins of the Caprese sandwich are the same of the salad, but it is slightly different: with time people decided to add bread to it, the name as well is Caprese because it was born on Capri Island. This can be a fresh option for those who want a simple but really tasty light sandwich, obviously depends on the type of bread you choose.


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Enjoy making one of these or the three of them and enjoy these Italian delicacies!

Buon appetito!

Photo by congerdesign from Pixabay