Savoury Sicilian brioche, seafood risotto, Mezzelune filled with ricotta cheese and spinach … Here’s the True Italian Food News of the Week!

True Italian Food News: our must-go for the weekend!

Just like every week, the weekend approaching means it is also time for our much-loved True Italian Food News. This weekend as well, Berlin has some mouth-watering specialties, which we have gathered for you. Don’t miss the chance to taste all the new typical Italian products Berlin has in store!

Sicilian brioche… but savoury!

Cicala Caffetteria Italiana has incredible news for you. Have you ever tried the typical Sicilian brioche, normally eaten with whipped cream and granita? Well, Cicala offers has an unexpected variant of it just for you: they made it savoury, filled with cold cuts of your choice, cheese, salad and tomato. This way, brioche lovers will be able to enjoy it not only for breakfast or as a snack, but during the whole day, as a tasty lunch or as an aperitif. Come and try this new speciality from Sicily!

Mediterranean Salad Bowl

Let us continue with another special new entry from the Mediterranean. Futura has introduced a tasty but lighter alternative to pizza: the Mediterranean Salad Bowl. This salad tastes like the sea, the sun, good food, and authentic “Italianness”. All ingredients contribute to this feeling: Burrata from Puglia, date tomatoes, Sicilian anchovies, mixed salad, Tropea red onions, carrots, black olives, Salina capers… With this bowl, you will feel like you have landed in southern Italy from the very first forkful!

Risotto ai frutti di mare

Let us now move on to the first courses. Spazio – Italian Bistrot also offers us a speciality that smells and tastes like Italy. Their seafood risotto will be a pleasure for both your eyes and taste buds. Already the presentation and the assortment of colours, delicate and fresh, with the green of the parsley set off by the pink colour of the risotto, will make your mouth water. This recipe is perfect for the transition between summer and winter, still reminiscent of the maritime flavours of summer, but already introducing winter, the colder weather, the ideal season for our beloved risotto. Come and try it yourself!

Mezzelune filled with ricotta cheese and spinach

Let us now turn our attention to another first course, a new entry this week. Pastarium Berlin has a new dish ready for you, vegetarian and very tasty: Mezzelune filled with ricotta cheese and spinach. This first course is perfect for the arrival of winter, cold weather and, above all, the season of fresh-filled pasta. It is a homemade pasta, served with tomato sauce. This way, the sour taste of the tomato is softened by the delicate taste of the filling, giving the dish a well-balanced flavour.


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Not only ice-cream

With the arrival of cold weather, Peggy Bee also has something new for you. From this week, there will be a special new entry: their homemade chocolate cake. If you are now too cold to enjoy ice cream, don’t hesitate to go to Peggy Bee anyway and enjoy this soft and mouth-watering treat. You will not regret it!

Primitivo BIO from Apulia

Our last Food News for the week, with which we would like to leave you, is dedicated to a wine that comes to Berlin directly from Apulia: our beloved Primitivo BIO. This wine was chosen with love and passion by the wine experts at Facciola wine bar (aka. Auro). It is an easy-going, easy-to-drink wine from the northern part of Apulia, which has some plum notes to entice you to keep drinking one bottle after the other. Wanna take a sip?