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Italian cuisine, love at first bite!

What do Germans and Italians have in common? Probably quite a few things, but the most obvious is their love for Italian cuisine and the places from where it derives.

Germans just love everything Italian, the taste, the smells and the ingredients. Honestly, who can say no to a plate of Spaghetti Bolognese or Pasta with Pesto? Germans love Italian food not only for its exquisite taste and quality but also for the memories it brings back of beautiful and carefree times spent in Italy. Likewise, Italians would never live without the “taste of home”, even when they are abroad.

The bond with their culinary traditions which include the thorough preparation of dishes according to recipes, the expert search for the right ingredients, but also the communal dinners around a big table, the social character of eating together which is a tradition they follow throughout their lives and which they try to live always, wherever they are.

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Cuciniamo Italy: your trip to Italy starts in your kitchen

It is with this tradition in mind that Laura Bellù has created her portal Cuciniamo Italy. Her passion for Italian cuisine and her wish to share her experience of over 20 years in the industry have inspired her to build an online guide dedicated to all lovers of “Bella Italia” and its culinary culture.

Laura has been developing her passion since she was a child and later turned it into her profession. In addition to running her family´s business, culinary arts have been her life for two decades. Her cooking school was founded in 2010 and in 2019 Cuciniamo Italy was born as the next step in her evolution as an expert in culinary culture.

The portal does not feature “just recipes”: that would be banal and not very newsworthy! Instead, there is not only information and practical advice revolving around food. You will also find articles on culinary destinations that are yet to be discovered, information on wines, cheeses and mixology, on lifestyle and table manners as well as on techniques for creating the best salsas and sauces, and much more.

Cuciniamo Italy is a pocket guide which inspires those who want to discover more, who want to plan trips and meals and who are looking to have a unique experience in Italy.

Lago di Garda and the scent of lemons

Among the culinary destinations recommended by Cuciniamo Italy is Lake Garda, a favorite place for German tourists and popular for many reasons.

About 3 million tourists travel there every year, attracted by its ambience and the good food. But did you know that there is a small town right on the lake that smells of lemons? The place is called Limone sul Garda, located by the water, and characterized by its colorful terraced lemon orchards. Even though the name is probably not actually derived from the lemon fruit. Made famous by a quote from Goethe, who in his “Italian Journey” describes the place and its beauty, referring to it as a “place of riches and grace”.

To visit the 18th-century terraced orchards, enveloped by the scent of yellow lemons, is a perfect way to relax and feel at perfect ease. The lemons produced in this area are used as ingredients for many recipes, from “risotto al limone” to homemade tarts, but also for body care products.

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