The official guide to the True Italian Pizzerias in Schöneberg

Berlin pizzerias are – almost – endless. We have gathered up our personal favourites and organized them in different ‘Kiez’, starting from Schöneberg.

Hello pizza lovers! How many Italian pizzerias in Berlin have you already been to? There are so many that it is impossible to list them all in one article! So today we leave for Schöneberg: here are some of the pizzerias we like the most in that neighbourhood. By the way, you can find a reel here on Instagram that will make your mouth water.

*This guide is continuously updated*

Malafemmena Schöneberg, the real ‘Verace’ Neapolitan Pizza

Malafemmena opened in 2016 as the first Neapolitan pizzeria in Berlin; nowadays, it’s the only pizzeria in Berlin certified by the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana. It was even nominated in 2019 among the best pizzerias in all of Europe and also received recognition for its gluten-free pizza. It’s located in Shöneberg, but from 2020 it has a seat in Prenzlauer Berg, too. Its secret? Simple ingredients, but of great quality: water, flour, salt, yeast, extra virgin olive oil, basil, tomatoes (San Marzano, Piennolo del Vesuvio or Roman peeled tomatoes), and Mozzarella Fior di latte or Bufala. There are many varieties of pizza, but you can also taste Panuozzi, mixed fried Cuoppi and fried pizzas, but also first and second courses of meat and fish.

Where? Malafemmena Schöneberg, Hauptstraße 85, 12159 Berlin.

L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele Berlin, the quality of genuine pizza flavours

Antica Pizzeria da Michele Berlin is a Neapolitan pizzeria born in early 2020, which however has already gained a great reputation for its delicious pizza. It is in fact the Berlin seat of Antica Pizzeria Da Michele, a legendary Neapolitan pizzeria that has several locations around the world, not only in Europe! Da Michele Berlin’s pizza is appreciated for the quality of the ingredients, but at the same time for the simplicity and genuine flavours of its pizzas, starting with the tasty Marinara and Margherita. But Da Michele also offers special pizzas, delicious starters, and desserts. Make sure you don’t miss it!

You can find L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele here: Fritz-Reuter-Straße 7, 10827 Berlin.

Prometeo, a traditional wood oven and many special varieties of pizza

Prometeo has been known since 2016 for its classic Neapolitan pizza, prepared with a wood oven recognized by the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana. Its dough is left to rise for 72 hours, the pizza has a nice crust up to 2 cm and the oven allows the flavours of the pizza to remain as genuine and unaltered as possible… what more could you ask for? The menu offers traditional pizzas with many toppings, including Pizza Mastunicola, the oldest born in Naples (Mozzarella, oregano, basil, pepper and diced speck), and pizza Porchetta, which is unique in Berlin. In addition, you can order Neapolitan fried calzoni, appetizers, first courses, second courses, and exceptional desserts!

Just go for Prometeo, Goebenstraße 3, 10783 Berlin.


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Sironi la Pizza, the dough of a true leavening craftsman

Sironi – il Pane di Milano was born as a bakery in 2013, and offers many traditional Italian specialities, including focaccia, fresh bread and of course pizza, prepared with flours, yeasts, and other high quality ingredients. Nowadays, there is not only a bakery (at the Markthalle Neun in Kreuzberg), but also a great pizzeria right in Schöneberg, Sironi la Pizza. There are all kinds of pizzas (and calzoni, too), from the simplest Margherita to the delicious truffle one, and the doughs are truly unique, made with 100% spelled flour. You can also order pizzas and other products with Wolt! Furthermore, Sironi’s bread is so good that it is also sold by some restaurants and in some Berlin weekly markets: a perfect recognition of its craftsmanship.

Where? Sironi la Pizza, Goltzstraße 36, 10781 Berlin.


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Pizzeria Trattoria Cafè Luna, traditional Italian gastronomy and pizzas of all kinds

The Pizzeria Trattoria Luna opened only 4 years ago, in 2018, but has already conquered the palates of those who live in Schöneberg (and beyond) with its classic dishes of Italian gastronomy, including vegetarian ones, and with its tasty pizzas. The pizza menu ranges from the classic but always worth it Margherita to delicious pizzas with mushrooms, sausage, tuna and rocket, up to particular ones with interesting flavours, for example with pears, walnuts, and Gorgonzola. In addition, you can also eat many other delicious dishes, which you can have sent to you with Lieferando and Wolt.

Pizzeria Trattoria Cafè Luna is here: Gotenstraße 18, 10829 Berlin.


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Bravo Mario 17, Pinsa Romana on a wooden board

Bravo Mario is particularly known and appreciated for a brand-new variety of pizza: Roman Pinsa. It’s topped as a traditional pizza, but it has an unusual shape, and it’s served on a wooden board. The dough of the Pinsas at Bravo Mario 17 is made of three different flours: rice, soy, and wheat, which makes Pinsa more digestible than a normal pizza. Plus, they also serve different filled bread rolls (it’s, in fact, also a ‘Paninoteca’), backed Ciabatte with sausage and other cheese specialties from Italy, and Piadine.

Where? Bravo Mario 17, Wartburgstraße 17, 10825 Berlin.


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Trattoria á Muntagnola, Italian pizza and specialities from Basilicata

The Italian restaurant Trattoria á Muntagnola offers its client specialities of Basilicata, a southern region of Italy rich in culinary tradition: their aim is bringing a piece of it to Berlin. Their menu offers starters, first courses based on different varieties of homemade pasta, second courses of meat or fish, and desserts; but some dishes change from time to time, depending on the seasonality of the ingredients or on new ideas. Obviously, pizza could not be missing from their menu; the dough at the Trattoria is left to rise for 72 hours, and it’s made of soy, rice, and wheat.

Just go for Trattoria á Muntagnola, Fuggerstraße 27a, 10777 Berlin.


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If you haven’t tried their pizzas yet, hurry up! However, remember that these are just some of the best pizzerias in the neighbourhood.

*This guide is continuously updated*