Special pizza, pasta, pan brioche with sardines, special offers and good wine from Spazio Berlin, here are the True Italian Food News of the week

Everything you shouldn’t miss about Italian cuisine in Berlin this and next week!

This week’s news is about new dishes, special offers, and more from various True Italian restaurants in Berlin. But first, we’d like to remind you of the event that will follow the very successful True Italian Pizza Street Festival. Are you ready? On Saturday, August 27, and Sunday, August 28, from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m., the most delicious event in Germany, the Pistachio Street Food Festival, is back! It will be held at Jules B-Part (Luckenwalder Str. 6b, 10963 Berlin), with good music and cocktails, elements that can never be lacking to make good food, great, in every way. We’re looking forward to it! In the meantime enjoy this weekend’s food news.

Paisà never disappoints, ready to taste the new dish?

Paisafrieschepastaberlin never stops. Creative and tenacious as always they’ve decided to give their dishes an extra touch. They present the new pasta dish, “Nerano”, with zucchini cream, basil leaves, a sprinkle of cheese (Provolone and Grana Padano), pepper, and the absolute novelty, fried zucchini. What can we say, Francesco from Paisà always manages to give us so many positive vibes with his dishes. What a unique goodness! We from True Italian will be going there soon to taste this fabulous dish, and you? Come on, don’t tell us you’re not going! No no’s accepted, so run to them!

Special offer only at Partenope 081!

Partenope 081 has a special offer that is going to amaze everyone. We know, you are as curious as we are to know what it is but take your time, read on, we won’t disappoint you. Ready? Okay alright, we’ll reveal everything. It is a special offer on the lunch menu, from Tuesday to Thursday from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m., which includes a soft drink + appetizer + pasta or main dish + coffee, of course. The biggest surprise is that all this costs only 14.90 euros per person. Are you amazed? We are. In fact, we will be there on Tuesday, and you? Run and try this super offer.


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Fancy a savory Pan Brioche? Don’t worry, Caravaggi Natur Wein will take care of it!

Caravaggi Natur Wein wants to put a twist on their cuisine by offering a savory Pan Brioche made with white and red onion, salad, and sardines! An explosion of pleasure for the taste buds. A crossroads of fresh and genuine flavors that will never disappoint. They are open from 6:30 p.m. to 11 p.m., great hours for a light dinner with friends. Visit them, they are waiting to surprise you as always!

In the mood for pizza + Sarti spritz? At Antica Pizzeria Da Michele there is an incredible offer!

The Antica Pizzeria Da Michele, for this weekend only, will blow your mind with its special offer: the winning combination, pizza Marita + Sarti spritz for only 12.90 euros. Every slice of pizza will make your taste buds explode, and make you fall in love with its authenticity, not to mention the Sarti spritz that will accompany not only the pizza tasting but keep you cool from the heat in Berlin. Are you all surprised by this super offer? Then run out and try it! The wonderful staff awaits you.

Directly from Apulia, good wine arrives at Spazio Berlin!

Apulia, land of vineyards, could not fail to arrive in Berlin. The Primitivo di Manduria arrives at Spazio Berlin: a ruby-red colored wine that offers indescribable smells on the nose, so much so that you will seem to smell plums and strawberry jam. On the palate, it’s soft and full-bodied, it will really leave you all amazed! Take your friends and taste this wine! Cheers!

New special pizza at Zola Berlin!

Zola Berlin, a name and a guarantee, decides to leave us open-mouthed and full-bellied with their new special pizza. It is a pizza made by their star pizzaiolo Raffy Desi, whom we thank so much for the perfect pairings in one deliciousness. The pizza consists of vegan basil pesto, with grilled red peppers, cherry tomatoes, and a large portion of scattered walnuts. The staff does not like to disappoint anyone’s expectations, so they have also provided this pizza for vegetarians and vegans. For dairy lovers: a nice sprinkling of homemade Italian-style stracciatella. What can we say, our mouths are watering just thinking that such a dish exists, so let’s all go eat it! See you there!


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