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True Italian aperitif: how it’s done and why it’s so popular

Choose your perfect aperitif Glamour, in trendy clubs, quieter…

Easter menu, aperitifs and music. The True Italian Food News of the Week!

Anyone who participated in the 72hrs True Italian Food Festival…

Zucchine alla scapece, the Neapolitan art of enhancing vegetables

A masterly balance of flavors In Campania making vegetables…

Franciacorta, territory and wines of amazing Lombardy

Franciacorta, the sweet hills of Lombardy that give an award-winning…

Famous cocktails created in Italy known worldwide & Italian aperitif tradition

Italy's cocktail and aperitif tradition is long and valued: there are many multiple differences between different drinks and drinking customs.

The “aperitivo” a world famous cocktail made in Italy

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Written by Giulia Cavallo There…

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IL KINO A nice 52 seats arthouse cinema with bar and bistro.…