Franciacorta, territory and wines of amazing Lombardy

Franciacorta, the sweet hills of Lombardy that give an award-winning wine

As we all know, Italy is the country of quality wine which exports all over the world. Italian wine is produced in practically every region, from north to south, and every region has its own masterpiece. As for Lombardy, we can surely consider Franciacorta as one of the best wines produced.


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The territory

Franciacorta is a hilly area located between Brescia and the southern end of Lake Iseo, in Lombardy. Here cultivation of wine has ancient origins, as evidenced by the discovery of grape seeds in prehistoric times and was a constant from Roman times to the late antiquity period until the middle age, vineyards grew thanks to the favorable climate and soil conditions. A fundamental role was played by the monasteries that had large estates and made a great work of tillage, reclamation and cultivation of the territory already before the year 1000. The name of this area is officially born in a document of 1277 and does not mean “court of France” but “free courts“, having been monk territories (courts free from the bishop’s tributes).

Some territorial characteristic are perfect for wine production: proximity of the plain causes breeze and closeness of Iseo lake which mitigates winter climate and allows temperature changes, conditions winds and rainfall.


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The wine

Franciacorta is a classic method sparkling wine having the DOCG recognition, whose production is allowed in the homonymous territory. It is produced in 3 versions: white, rosé and satèn and the grapes include Chardonnay and/or Pinot noir. It is also allowed the use of Pinot Blanc up to a maximum of 50%. Franciacorta DOCG sparkling wines stand out for their elegance and crispness, and they are getting more and more appreciated both by wine lovers and by critics, not only in Italy.

This sparking wine is perfect for matching a risotto or first courses with shellfishes and seafood. It is advisable to serve it well chilled and it is ideal both for an aperitif and to be matched to a dessert.


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Franciacorta Wine Road

Strada del Franciacorta” association was founded in 2000 and has the purpose of promoting and developing tourism in Franciacorta, in particular enogastronomy tours. The Franciacorta Wine Road is reference point for tourists (individuals and groups), tour operators, travel agencies, guides and tour leaders to inform, build itineraries and discover more closely the various opportunities that this area can offer.


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