All the vegan specialties of the 72hrs True Italian Food Festival 2023 in one click!

Vegans and vegetarians readers, the 72hrs True Italian Food Festival is coming and will leave no one empty-handed!

Are you ready for the tastiest 72hrs True Italian Food Festival of your life, with portions of Italian regional specialties exclusively created for the event, together with Sarti Spritz, wine, or beer and a sweet wafer for only 9€?

Italian cuisine has its roots in simple recipes, designed to feed everyone – from the simple farmer to the king of state – with seasonal and local ingredients. Because of this reason, many of them were originally thought to be meatless and without animal derivatives.

Simple preparations and high-quality ingredients are what made Italian gastronomy one of the most famous and appreciated cuisines in the whole world. And if you weren’t convinced yet, these naturally vegan specialties will definitely make you fall in love!

Here’s for you a list of all the naturally vegan specialties, available during the 72hrs True Italian Food Festival in Berlin, March 29th – April 1st. To get to know all restaurants participating and their specialties, click here.


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MedEATerranean Trip: pumpkin and pistachio gnocchi on a bed of purple cabbage

For a surprising mix of flavours and fine ingredients, MedEATerranean Trip offers a small portion of homemade gnocchi with pumpkin and pistachio dough, served on a bed of purple cabbage to liven up the entire taste even more. A truly curious naturally vegan speciality that will leave you speechless (but don’t worry, you’ll just have to eat so you won’t need words)!

Sicula Bar: “Pane e panelle”

This year Sicula Bar will delight us with a speciality 100% made in Sicily… actually if not them, who else?! We are not talking about arancini, but about something even more particular: “pane e panelle“, a sandwich with chickpeas flour fritters. Have you ever tried it? Let’s say it’s the perfect time to taste it or, if you’ve already had the pleasure of experiencing it, to enjoy it again in a Sicilian-Berliner atmosphere!

Cappuccino Grand Cafè: superfood mini sandwich

Spring has started and the temperatures are rising, finally! So what could be better than an aperitif with a cool drink and a sandwich with simple, fresh and regenerating ingredients? Cappuccino Grand Café has just the perfect green speciality for you: a mini sandwich with whole grain bread, fresh avocado, homemade basil pesto and toasted almonds… don’t you just want to run out and try it too?

Terra: the Green Polenta

Moving north of Italy we find the last naturally vegan speciality of our restaurants: the popular polenta. But the one from Terra is not a simple polenta, it is a revisited, original and special recipe: it is baked polenta with organic Sicilian avocado and sun-dried tomatoes. An interesting and refined vegan dish… plant friends, isn’t your mouth watering already?

Surprises are not over!

Along with the fact that ALL 41 participating restaurants offer a VEGETARIAN option, many of them also have a totally vegan choice to enjoy during the aperitif! Here is the list of vegan specialities you can choose as an alternative and the locations where you can find them:

  • Cuore di Vetro in Mitte: focaccia toscana with spicy tomato sauce
  • Dolci e Salati in Mitte: arancino with artichokes
  • Mozzarella Bar in Mitte: “Ciambotta Lucana” (mini sandwich) filled with vegetables
  • Trancina in Prenzlauer Berg: arancino with aubergines
  • Partenope 081 in Friedrichshain: “Frittatina di pasta” alla Norma (pasta fritters with aubergines)
  • Spaccanapoli Nr. 12 in Friedrichshain: fried aubergine balls
  • Prometeo in Schöneberg: vegan frisella with cerry tomatoes
  • Barettino in Neukölln: mixed antipasti plates with vegetables
  • IL KINO in Neukölln: vegan arancino
  • Vier Ecken in Neukölln: vegan “pizza alla pala” (slice of Roman style pizza)
  • Zerostress Pizza in Kreuzberg: plate of vegan mixed antipasti
  • Zerostress Weinbar in Kreuzberg: plate of vegan mixed antipasti

All the vegan options available during the 72 hrs True Italian Food Festival are marked with a green leaf ? on the flyer of the event.

So, are you ready for the most-awaited aperitif of the year? 72 hours of delicacies all to discover. No Excuses to miss it!

72 hrs True Italian Food Festival Berlin 2023

From Wednesday, March 29th, 5 p.m. to the evening of Saturday, April 1st

In 41 Restaurant in Berlin

Facebook Event

More info and full list of the participating restaurants