Berlin Ice Cream Week 2023: taste 43 special ice cream flavours for only 1,50€ in 43 of the best gelaterie of Berlin

The event entirely dedicated to the best artisanal ice cream in Berlin is coming back: the Berlin Ice Cream Week 2023!

U Cannolu sutta u lenzolu (Sicilian cannolo with buffalo ricotta cheese and grated pistachios); Tennessee Waltz (dark chocolate with whisky and hazelnut grains); Goat cheese, figs and mustard; Hibiscus flower sorbet (vegan); Etna Drunk: almond with limoncello cream; Peanut Curry; Honey-glazed banana with chocolate swirls; Tiramisù… If you have never tasted such creative ice cream flavours, the Berlin Ice Cream Week is the perfect occasion: it involves 43 of the best artisanal ice cream shops of the city and will take place from April 20th to 26th 2023. It’s always the right time for a special, tasty and high quality ice cream, and the event is a great occasion not only for the most gluttonous: a photo contest on Instagram will give everyone the chance to win a stay for two in Pisa, while tasting at least 5 flavours of the event you can win a 50 € ice cream voucher.

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Pizza Marinara by Artigiani

Berlin Ice Cream Week, how it works

We selected 43 among the best artisanal ice cream parlours in Berlin and asked them to create a special flavour specifically for this event, leaving vent to their creativity and using original ingredients. And there is more: during the whole week of the event, the special flavour will cost only 1,50€ per scoop. Taking part will be just as easy as eating an ice cream: you just need to go to one of the participating ice cream parlours (you will find the full list at the end of this article) and ask for the special flavour of the Berlin Ice Cream Week. In order to meet all the needs, a lot of the flavours are vegan. Match the flavour with one of the classics or continue your ice cream journey going to the next ice cream parlour.

Rose and hibiscus sorbet (vegan) from Yeay Organic Ice Cream parlour

Berlin Ice Cream Week, the map of the participating ice cream parlours

Do you want to find out where the participating ice cream parlours are? They are all represented in a map of Berlin together with the closest underground station, so you can find them at a first glance. You will have soon available the paper map in any of the participating ice cream parlours or in the True Italian office in Gryphiusstraße 26, Friedrichshain. You can also download the online version as a PDF. If you prefer a digital map, have a look at the Google Map.

Berlin Ice Cream Week, the stamp contest

The Berlin Ice Cream Week offers two different contests, one online and one offline.

Let’s start with the offline one: in this case it is important to grab the paper map, as every time you visit an ice cream parlour during the event you can ask to put the corresponding small stamp next to the name of the ice cream parlour. If you collect at least 5 (from 5 different ice cream parlours) send a photo to the email address by April 30th at 11 PM and thus participate in the extraction for a 50€ worth ice cream voucher to be consumed in one of the ice cream parlours of the event of your choice. The extraction will be done online on the social media channels of True Italian on May 3rd at 6 PM.


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Berlin Ice Cream Week, the Instagram contest

On the other hand, the online contest is a photo contest on Instagram. When you visit one of the ice cream parlours, take a creative and original picture of the ice cream or of yourself while eating it. Post the picture on your Instagram account before April 26th at 11 PM with the hashtag #berlinicecreamweek, tag @trueitalianfood and indicate the ice cream shop where the photo was taken. You could win a stay for two in Pisa. You can find more information in this article or on True Italian’s social media channels.

Berlin Ice Cream Week, organisers and partners

The event is organized by True Italian and DUO – Sicilian Ice Cream consulting. The Partners of the event are Fugar, Kulero, RECUP, Acqua Panna and San Pellegrino, Hotel La Torre Garbata of Pisa; while media partner is Berlino Magazine.

Why prefer artisanal ice cream to industrial one?

When we enter a bar or an ice cream parlour, our attention is immediately caught by the appearance and presentation of the ice cream tray in the freezer. Usually it is not so difficult to distinguish the industrial production, more showy and with more ‘fake’ colours, from the artisanal one with a much simpler and more natural appearance. Artisanal ice cream is produced in small quantities, is usually prepared with fresh milk and fresh fruit without additives and treatments, and is sold directly to the consumer. This is why artisanal ice cream is associated with a more domestic, fresh and genuine flavour. With our event we want to celebrate the quality of artisanal ice cream.


Berlin Ice Cream Week 2023

From April 20th to 26th in 43 of the best artisans ice cream parlours in Berlin
1,50 euro for a scoop of the special flavour of the event
Facebook Event

List of the participating ice cream parlours with addresses and their special flavour for 1,5€

All flavours with the symbol  ? are vegan


Cuore di vetro
?Max-Beer-Str. 33, 10119 Berlin
?Tennessee Waltz: dark chocolate with whisky and hazelnut grains

Dolci e Salati am Alex
?Rathausstr. 5 (Rathauspassagen), 10178 Berlin
?Organic lemon and basil  ?

Katchi Ice Cream
?Orianenburger Str. 89, 10178 Berlin

La Focacceria
?Fehrbelliner Str. 24, 10119 Berlin
?Figs and walnuts

My Daddy’s Gelateria
?Grüntaler Str. 13, 13357 Berlin
?Creamy Dreamy Cheesecake: cheesecake with orange jam and orange zest

Süsse Sünde
?Weinbergsweg 21, 10119 Berlin
?Butter caramel with rhubarb sauce


Alfi’s Eis
?Heynstraße 33, 13187 Berlin
?Goat cheese, figs and mustard

Ben, Emi & Friends
?Gleimstr. 54,10437 Berlin
?Pandan with pumpkin seed oil and candied pumpkin seeds

Duo Sicilian Ice Cream
?Käthe-Niederkirchner-Str. 24, 10407 Berlin
?U Cannolu sutta u lenzolu: Sicilian cannolo with buffalo ricotta cheese and grated pistachios

Gianni Eis
?Rykestr. 26, 10405 Berlin
?Campari Orange  ?

?Erich-Weinert-Str. 3, 10439 Berlin
?Bonet: amaretto, cocoa and apricot (alcohol free)


?Wühlischstraße 31, 10245 Berlin
?Dolce della Mamma: philadelphia, cherries and toasted almonds

Chipi Chipi Bombón
?Warschauer Str. 12, 10243 Berlin
?Hazelnut from Piedmont

Cuore di Vetro
?Simon-Dach-Str.40, 10245 Berlin
?Twin Peaks: chocolate sorbet with whisky and maple syrup ?

Green Scoop
?Boxhagener Str. 71, 10245 Berlin
?Salty peanut butter ?

Natur Eis
?Gärtnerstr. 2, 10245 Berlin
?Raspberry, lychee and chocolate chips ?

Peggy Bee
?Weichselstr. 13, 12045 Berlin
?Rocketman: lemon pastry cream, dark Belgian chocolate and praline almonds

?Scharnweberstr. 20, 10247 Berlin
?Snow flurry: fruit cream with a berry mix and meringue pieces

Spoonfull Berlin
?Gärtnerstr. 33A, 10245 Berlin
?Lotus Cheesecake

Süsse Sünde
?Niederbarnimstr. 21, 10247 Berlin
?Hibiscus flower sorbet  ?


Agiori Eis
?Großbeerenstr. 10, 10963 Berlin
?Etna Drunk: almond with limoncello cream

Chunks by KoRo
?Körtestr. 5, 10967 Berlin
?Planet Earth: matcha, fudgy brownies, creamy citrus frosting with spirulina  ?

Die Eismacher
?Körtestr. 10,10967 Berlin
?Crispy Cherry Sakura: cherry blossom sorbet, pandan of almond ice cream and almond crunch

Duo Sicilian Ice Cream Görlitzer Park
?Skalitzer Str. 82,10997 Berlin
?Mandawasapeas: wasabi with a mandarin variegation and roasted peas

Duo Sicilian Ice Cream Bergmannkiez
?Schleiermacherstr. 9, 10961 Berlin
?Triple Sicilian Pistachio: pistachio with almond-pistachio praline, pistachio flour rain and a piece of pistachio chocolate

Tanne B Eis Berlin
?Bergmannstr. 15, 10961 Berlin
?Soja Bounty ?

 Tanne B Eis Berlin
?Eisenbahnstr. 48, 10997 Berlin / Ecke Lausitzer Platz
?Peanut Curry

Spoonfull Berlin
?Graefestr. 7, 10967 Berlin
?Lemon-Coriander-Chili  ?

Yeay Ice Cream
?Falckensteinstr. 45, 10997 Berlin
?Rose and hibiscus sorbet ?

?Köpenicker Straße 4, 10997 Berlin
?Orange and blossoms: oranges with chamomile blossoms  ?


?Weserstr. 45, 12045 Berlin
?Coconut and caramel


Gelateria Pepitahöfe
?Mertensstr. 36, 13587 Berlin

Gimme Gelato
?Wundtstr. 15, 14059 Berlin

Katchi Ice Cream
?Grolmanstr. 14a, 10623 Berlin
?Berlin: fruity rainbow ice cream in a grey waffle ?


Berlin Homemade Icecream
?Elßholzstr. 10, 10781 Berlin
?Kaya: coconut salted caramel

?Lauterstraße 17, 12159 Berlin
?Banana, chocolate chips with homemade roasted walnuts  ?

?Winterfeldtstr. 46, 10781 Berlin
?Honey-glazed banana with chocolate swirls ?

Gimme Gelato @ Jules B-Part
?Luckenwalder Str. 6b, 10963 Berlin
?Chocolate-oat: chocolate, oat and cocoa nibs ?


Artigiani, das natürliche Eis
?Unter den Eichen 94b, 12205 Berlin
?Pizza marinara: tomato sorbet, oregano, garlic and basil with crispy pizza pieces ?

Artigiani am Schlachtensee
?Matterhornstr. 54, 14129 Berlin
?Burro e Salvia: butter and sage with a touch of nutmeg


Gianni Eis
?Turmstr. 35, 10551 Berlin
?Mascarpone and figs

Eis Marcon
?Stephanstr. 26, Berlin
?Cocco Imperiale: coconut with black cherry, macadamia mix praline and chocolate


Il Buon Gelato Marcon
?Achillesstr. 46, 13125 Berlin
?Principessa: vanilla and saffron with caramelized sunflower seeds and flowers