True Italian restaurants in Berlin offering take away and delivery

The corona virus crisis is something we are all still learning to cope with. Luckily, there are still ways to stick to your habits and enjoy the little things, like a good lunch and/or dinner.

None of us one year ago would have imagined living a global pandemic. Times are difficult, and governments all over Europe have decided to take precautionary measures to help us all stay safe and get through this in the best way possible. Restaurants and bars in Berlin are close for the whole month of November, but their take away and delivery services are still available: some True Italian restaurants are here for you, so don’t let yourself down!


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There is some good news for you…

Once again, a number of amazing True Italian restaurants in Berlin have decided not to stop during difficult times: they will stay open, offering either delivery or take away services, some even both. Clients all over Berlin will still be able to enjoy a good meal, in the comfort and safety of their own house. Delicious dishes are just one call away!

Here is a list of restaurants and their services, based on their last infos. Just give them a call of contact them on their websites!


Lost my love to Italy – 030 55611819 (take away)

Marina Blu – 0176 22018245 (take away and delivery)

Mozzarella Bar – 030 97894140 (take away and delivery)

Tiny’s Pizza@Torbar – Take away at Torstrasse 183 everyday 4pm-10pm


Mangiare – 0152 11922767 for Whatsapp, 0176 63636916 for calls (take away and delivery)


Antichi Aromi – 030 84513261 (take away)

Come va va – 030 45305005 (take away)

Esse osteria – 030 44017237 (take away and delivery)

Orlando – 030 23567555 (take away and delivery)

Malafemmena Prenzlauer Berg –  (take away and delivery)

Pizza nostra – 030 41717000 (take away and delivery)


Barrel – 030 42808100 (take away wine bottles)

Cargo – 01520 3280344 (take away)

Il Moro – 030 98438045 (take away and delivery with Wolt)

Madre – 0178 8818107 (take away and delivery from Tuesday, November 10th)

MedEATerranean Trip – 030 86335970 (take away and delivery)

Zerostress Pizza FHain – 01521 5374316 (take away and delivery)


Amici Amici – 030 74684121 (take away and delivery)

Facciola –  030 88061082 (online orders and vouchers)

Il Pizzaiolo –  030 75442688 (take away and delivery)

La Lupa – 0174 9107253 (take away and delivery)

Sironi (Markthalle IX) – 0178 7269685, 030 21002402 (take away and delivery fresh bread and focaccia)

Terra – 030 800089859 (take away)

Zerostress Pizza Kreuzberg030 84515952 (take away and delivery)

Zum Heiligen Teufel – 030 69001126 (take away and delivery)


Barettino – 030 25563034 (take away)

Capperi –  030 62989911 (take away)

Docg Berlin – 030 61081586 (take away)

Lavanderia Vecchia – 030 62722152 (take away)

Monella – 0179 4996139 (take away and delivery)

Trattoria Vigata – 030 6869624 (take away)


Antica Pizzeria Da Michele – 030 75002126 (take away e consegna)

Malafemmena030 84183182  (take away and delivery)

Lagalante – 030 98375296 (takeaway)

Prometeo – 03023638837 (take away and delivery)

Pizzeria LuNa – 030 39726708 (take away and delivery)

Sironi La Pizza  –   030 21002402 (take away and delivery)

Trattoria Muntagnola – 030 2116642 (take away e consegna)


Bruderherz – 030 33852077 (take away)

Francucci – 030 3233318 (take away and delivery)

Berliners, if we stick together and stay home, safe and healthy, we will get through this once again! True Italian food is coming to you and we can’t wait to see you when the situation is safer for us all!

In the meantime, keep enjoying the best food in the world!

Cover photo © True Italian

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