From the ready-made cannoli, to the black pizza: enjoy the True Italian Food News of the week

Friday… I’m in love! Yes with True Italian Food News, as punctual as ever (we’re in Germany after all!) here you’ll find our selected tasteful suggestions for the weekend and the incoming week! From the Sicilian cannoli ready-made DIY box to the black pizza and the amazing vegan Gnocchi alla Sorrentina… enjoy the reading, the Instagram posts and go get your favorite Italian food of the week!

A cute, sweet, DIY Sicilian cannolo box: a simple as well as genius idea by Duo Sicilian Ice Cream

How many times did you desire to eat an authentic Sicilian cannolo ready in less than 2 minutes directly at your home? Well, now this little dream comes true with the ready-made Duosicilianicecream cannoli box. A cute packaging will make it even nicer, for yourselves or to delight your friends with a little Italian tasteful sweet gift!


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What a happy hour when the aperitivo dish is back at Trancina Berlin

trancina_berlin is glad to announce the return of the special aperitivo dish! A unique mix that includes the-best-of their cuisine, perfect to be enjoyed together with the drink that you like the most. Don’t miss the occasion of sharing this dish with your beloved ones. When (hopefully) an amazing sunset is shining over Berlin, it’s definitely time for a happy hour! Go get one, two, three… of them. These Sicilian specialties are waiting for you in Strargarder Strasse 39.


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Back to black with the brand new squid ink pizza at Terra-Italian Craft Kitchen

terra_italiancraftkitchen strikes back with some new “black”! We’re talking about a special new black dough made with squid ink and salmon trout. Simply unique both for your eyes and the way it tastes! A mouth watering news for the fish lovers and who dares to try always something new. You will not be disappointed. Go get your order,  have a seat and enjoy the most summer-like pizza in Berlin!


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The Fantastic 4! Enjoy – responsibly – the new entries in the wine list at Altrovino Berlin

altrovino_berlin proudly presents four new entries in the wine list, coming directly from the “Rupi del Nebbiolo” vineyard. The Fantastic 4 are called: Sassella, Inferno, Grunella and Sforzato. These names are linked one by one to the specific origin district in the Nebbiolo area. A highly curated process, from the grape harvest, to the fermentation. Choose your favourite, maybe after you tried all of them… ehm drink responsibly! Don’t miss them, where? In Grimmstrasse 17.

Homemade pasta is always a good idea: Mani in pasta knows better with their new Ravioli dish

Ravioli buffalo ricotta, red peppers cream, basil. black dry olives and lemon zest. What a dish maniinpasta created for the good of all Italian kitchen lovers! Waiting for their new menu and the amazing new selection of natural wines (coming soon), don’t miss the chance to enjoy this Italian “primo piatto”. Naturally good raw ingredients, the expertise of the chef and a great amount of creativity all together into this well balanced and genuine dish.


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Gnocchi alla Sorrentina goes vegan at DocG-Berlin

Finally also the Gnocchi alla Sorrentina in Tegamino (backed in a small pan) became one of the most wanted vegan Italian specialty at DocG-Berlin thanks to the amazing vegan cheese they have chosen to replace the normal one. This dish rhymes with both Italian creativity and authenticity. Vegan or not vegan, everybody will sense no difference from the original one. 100% guaranteed by the True Italian team!


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