Learn how to make filled fresh pasta with the workshop (with final dinner) by True Italian and Pastamadre

* written by Irene Diamanti

The new workshop organised by True Italian and Pastamadre is the perfect occasion for learning how to make fresh pasta.

The fourth Week of Italian Cuisine in the World is going to be celebrated from the 18th to the 24th of November. It is an event coordinated by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, of Agricolture, of Education, University and Research and of Economic Development and True Italian takes the occasion to organise in Berlin the True Italian Pasta Week 2019: for one week in 32 Italian restaurants it will be possible to have a pasta dish, a drink and a digestive for just 12€. But that’s not all of it: True Italian also offers the occasion to learn how to prepare filled fresh pasta according to tradition and has organised, together with Pastamadre, a not-to-be-missed workshop which is going to finish with a delicious dinner.

True Italian Pasta Workshop: Ravioli & Tortelli

The workshop will be held on Saturday the 23rd of November from 5 pm to 9 pm at Pastamadre’s seat, in Wedding and is entirely dedicated to ravioli and tortelli, two types of filled fresh pasta originally from North Italy. For 4 hours you are going to immerse yourself into the culture of fresh pasta, getting to know the theory of the preparation of the dough, studying all the flour available, learning the manual work to knead and to obtain the shape of ravioli and tortelli and finally cooking the perfect sauce to season the pasta. The workshop will finish with a dinner of specialties you prepared during the course, accompanied by homemade bread with sourdough, seasonal salad and good Italian wine. The workshop costs €49 per person and it is mandatory to register by sending an email to info@pastamadre.de no later than November the 19th.

Preparing homemade fresh filled pasta © Pixabay / cserebogareu

The tradition of fresh pasta

Fresh pasta isn’t only food, but a passion and rite that has been passed down through generations for a long time. Kneading has become also a way to take a break from the frenzied daily life and to prepare with your own hands a good meal for friends and family in a moment of conviviality. Fresh pasta is made without preservative and in an artisanal way, usually using hands and a rolling pin. There are 3 types of fresh pasta: one with eggs and flour, one with semolina and water and the one with potatoes. The workshop is mainly based on preparing ravioli and tortelli, two types of filled fresh pasta. While tortelli are originally from the Padanian-Lombard zone, ravioli are born in Ligure, but the filling changes according to the tradition of the zone in which they are cooked.

Pastamadre’s workshop with final dinner © Pastamadre

The Pastamadre project

The Pastamadre project believes in food as a dynamic force which affects our body, our emotions, our soul and our social well-being. Its philosophy wants to create a genuine connection with food, which nowadays is getting lost and has become an area of confusion. Its mission is to preserve traditional cooking techniques using local and seasonal ingredients and following the principles of the Mediterranean diet, with a touch of crticality and creativity. Its workshops are aimed to restitute the flavor found in simplicity and high-quality to cooking.

The True Italian project

The True Italian project’s aim is to enhance the authentic Italian restaurants in Berlin using a sticker with the project logo (filed with Deutsches Patent-und Markenamt). True Italian is also a dynamic platform which involves different events, tasting and cooking workshops. The project has been created and carried out over the years by Berlin Italian CommunicationTrue Italian are all those Italian cuisine ambassadors that, starting form the choice of ingredients, prove every day the dedication to the high quality of their dishes. To be clear: when we talk about True Italian, we don’t simply refer to the chef or owner’s nationality, but we talk about the way they approach to the cuisine. Unique recipes and care about ingredients’ quality: these are the keywords of every True Italian restaurant.

True Italian Pasta Workshop: Ravioli & Tortelli

Saturday, November the 23rd, from 5 pm to 9 pm

At  Pastamadre‘s seat – Groninger Str. 48, 13347 Berlin

Price per person: 49€ dinner and equipment included

Registration required via mail to info@pastamadre.de no later than the 19th of November

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