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Mushrooms, a versatile ingredient at the base of tasty fall recipes

As autumn approaches, there is no hobby more delightful than organising hikes in the middle of the woods. The autumn colours are a glorious display of shades, from pale yellow to deep orange, and this season offers a wave of scents that are also ideal for relaxing the body and mind. As well as a pleasant walk in the woods at this time of year, mushroom picking is also a favourite. ‘Mushroom picking’ is one of the most popular activities and is especially appreciated by ‘gourmets’, who already savour the taste of the recipe they will make while still searching for the main ingredient.

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Risotto with porcini mushrooms: an autumn delicacy

Mushrooms are a traditional seasonal ingredient in Italian cuisine and are a food rich in minerals like phosphorus and potassium. There are at least 700,000 known species although it is estimated that there are over 3 million types in nature.

However, they should definitely be picked under the supervision of an expert as one needs to be a careful connoisseur of the various species in order to pick the right ones and avoid those that could be poisonous and inedible.

The most common in Italy certainly includes field mushrooms, Caesar’s mushrooms, porcini, chanterelles, pioppini, and champignons. Each one can be cooked differently, either raw in salads or roasted and fried. No matter how you cook them, mushrooms, especially when fresh, lend a light aroma and delicate flavour to the dish.

One of the best-known recipes for this season is certainly risotto with porcini mushrooms, a well-rounded dish ideal for both lunch and dinner.

The Cuciniamo Italy website features a delicious recipe by Chef Danilo Angè to be enjoyed with family or friends.



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In addition to this classic dish, the Cuciniamo Italy website offers many other recipes that are just as tasty and easy to cook, like mushroom soup or omelettes. Thanks to its versatility, this ingredient is suitable for various preparations and cooking techniques to satisfy different tastes and palates. 

For those who like picking them and eating them fresh, it is certainly useful to know how to clean them carefully. Mushrooms picked in the woods are dirty, and therefore need to be cleaned carefully to be sure to remove any traces of soil before cooking them.

Chef Maurizo Bossotti explains this meticulous technique in one of his videos on the Cuciniamo Italy website. If you would like to find out more, then get yourself a sharp knife with a smooth blade and follow the instructions!

mushrooms cleaning

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