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Written by Arnaldo Pangia

The tradition of pizza horoscope is very old and dates back to Ancient Rome.

The legend says that those born under the infamous sign of the pizza hawaii were thrown off a cliff after …

… nah, just kidding!

There’s nothing like the Pizza Horoscope, but we at True Italian thought of a small and funny goof to play with your friends: tell us which pizza you have and we will tell you your personality!

Here we go!


You are an excellent friend because you’re always there for the people you care about. You enjoy simple things in life and you believe that, sometimes, less is more. Sometimes, though, you have a hard time expressing disagreement or standing your ground.
TIP: Try to relax and be a little bit more selfish from time to time!


You are the personification of curiosity. Everything is intriguing to you and you always want to learn more about whatever surrounds you. Sometimes, though, it’s easy for you to feel overwhelmed by all the possibilities of what you can do with your time and energies… and making a decision can be a nightmare!
TIP: One thing at a time, and that done well: it’s a very good rule, as many can tell!


Brace yourself! Diavola is coming! You like your pizza like you like your life: spicy and hot! You are attracted by challenges and you have a very developed sense of justice. You fight hard for you and your friend. God only knows no one would like to be your enemy! Sometimes, though, pride can be your enemy… and apologising can be scarier than fighting the mightiest of the foes!
TIP: Being too aggressive can make you drift away from the people you care the most. Count to 10, take a deep breath and trust the people you love: you won’t have to fight!


A connoisseur. You enjoy the finest things in life and you’re not easily pleased. You are very smart and cultured, a perfectionist who never settles and works very hard… but sometime people might assume you’re a bit of a snob. We know you’re not a tryhard! You just have a very special and specific taste and God knows there’s nothing wrong with that.
TIP: Try to appreciate simpler pleasures and stop striving for perfection. Also: stop correcting people’s typos on the internet.

Tuna and onion

Work hard, play hard. That’s what defines you. You know what you want and you know how to get it. You rarely have any doubts and you like your routine… After all it reflects all the choices you made so far, right? Sometimes, though, sh** happens and you need to adapt to unwanted change. That’s where we’re having a hard time, my dear tuna and onion pizza. Someone might say you’re a bit square and you agree with them! There’s nothing wrong in being in total control of their life, right?
TIP: Sometimes being a control freak can hurt you more than you’re willing to admit. Just let it go and ride the wave! Life is like a box of chocolate…


Life should be fun. You’re a party beast, you could easily socialize with ANYONE, from the police officer who made you pull over for speeding to the post office clerk. Being alone sometimes? Heck no. “Let’s go out. Let’s meet up with new people. Let’s party. And if you guys don’t want to come with me, I don’t care! I’m going to be with other people by myself!”. Yep, that was you. Why can’t you spend sometime alone?
TIP: Maybe you should lspend more time with someone, specifically: you. Learn to know yourself and to listen to yourself. Sometimes solitude is bliss.

Pizza Hawaii

You came to the wrong neighborhood, buddy…
Just kidding! You are brave and you think outside the box. Your best quality is being always able to find new, unusual interesting persopectives and new solutions to problems you didn’t even know you had! That’s great! You know what’s not great, though? Monotony. Routines kill you, protocols numb you down and water down your life to an extent you perceive as unbearable… People are wrong! You’re not a weirdo…! Well, maybe a bit… But not a dangerous one, at least!
TIP: Sometimes thinking outside the box is not necessarily a good thing. Try to stick to what John Doe would do, you will save up time and energy you can dedicate to things where creativity is really required!

What sign of the Pizza Zodiac are you? What other signs can you think of? Let us know on our Facebook Page!

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