Win a 50 € voucher for the Duo Sicilian Food Shop with the Pistachio Street Food Festival

Another reason to participate in the Pistachio Street Food Festival: the brand new Instagram contest by True Italian: you can win a 50 € voucher for the Duo Sicilian Food Shop (pistachio creams and pestos).

The much awaited first edition of the Pistachio Street Food Festival is almost here and we couldn’t be more enthusiastic about it! On the 28th and 29th of August 2021, Berlin will host at the Jules-B part (in the Gleisdreieck park) the biggest event ever created in Germany dedicated to pistachio. Thanks to the event it’s also possible to win a 50 € voucher you can spend at the Duo Sicilian Food Shop: pistachio cream, pistachio pesto, pistachio paste and much more is what you can find there. The pistachio comes from Bronte, the Sicilian city famous for pistachio in the whole world.

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How to partecipate in our contest

This year’s contest wants to reward originality. The rules to follow in order to partecipate are simple: during the pistachio street food festival, on the 28th and 29th of August go to Jules B-part and take a picture of or with your favorite foods/products offered by the stands and post it on your Instagram. Put all of your fantasy and inspiration in this pictures because the most original one in the end will be rewarded. Express your love for pistachio through these shots: the more special, original and fun the photos will be, the more they will have the chance to be selected by our jury.

The rules to follow in publishing the post (no Instagram stories!) in order to be admitted to the competition are as follows:

  • tag the profile of @trueitalianfood in the photo;
  • mention the hashtag #pistachiostreetfoodfestival in the description of the post;
  • locate the post by indicating Jules B-Part, Berlin;
  • publish the photo by 11 pm on Sunday, August 29th.

How you can win

Our jury will then select the 10 most beautiful and original photos. At that point, Monday 30th, these ten shots will be published via Instagram stories on the profile of @trueitalianfood and you will decide, through surveys, the most deserving photograph to win a coupon worth € 50 for the Duo Sicilian Food Shop. When the Instagram stories expire, therefore 24 hours after their publication, we will announce and contact the winners of the contest: the photo out of the ten that received the most likes will then win the coveted prize. In the event of an ex aequo, priority will be given to the photo that was published earlier.

About the prize

The creator of the prize for the best photo will win a special 50 € voucher to spend at the Duo Sicilian Food Shop in Berlin (Skalitzer Str. 77, 10997 Berlin – Kreuzberg). The winner can go full on in the choosing from a variety of their products: true Sicilian delicacies such as pistachio pesto, pistachio cream, pistachio paste, almond and hazelnut cream, EVO oil, caponata, wine… Go on then and try to win this full immersion in the Italian cuisine!


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Pistachio Street Food Festival, all information about the event

Everything is ready: approximately 15 stands will partecipate in the event on August 28th and 29th at the Jules-B part (in the Gleisdreieck park – Luckenwalder Str. 6b, 10963 Berlin). Many will be Italian, or more specifically, Sicilian (like Duo Sicilian Ice Cream and Tipico Siciliano) who will prepare delicious meals with the addition of the very notorious Bronte Pistachio. That’s not it though, there will also be some representatives from the turkish, persian and other cuisines from which pistachio is also a fundamental ingredient. The event which will also offer different d-j sets. The entry fee is 3 € (except for children under the age of 12 who will enter for free), but there’s a twist, whoever will arrive with a full on green outfit (except shoes) will also enter for free! 

In order to guarantee everyone’s safety, visitors have to show a negative test result not older than 24 hours, a complete vaccination or a certificate of healing (a test centre will be set up at the entrance). You will also have to register via the Luca or Corona Warn App and wear a face mask while walking around the area.

More info at this link, Facebook event at this link.


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