From Sicily to Iran: 10 tasty pistachio specialities you can find at our Pistachio Street Food Festival in Berlin

Ready for the Pistachio Street Food Festival? Here are some of the delicacies there will be!

The Pistachio Street Food Festival will be the perfect occasion to taste many foods from different nationalities, such as Italian, Turkish and Persian! The event will take place during the weekend of the 28th and 29th of August, at Jules B-Part, in Berlin’s Gleisdreieck park! You’ll have the possibility to enjoy a beautiful atmosphere, while having some delicious street food, linked by a common ingredient: pistachio. Therefore let’s see some of the main specialities that will be offered.

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The Mafruka is a typical Lebanese cream cake, which includes two pistachio layers and a fluffy heart of semolina and milk inside. It will be served with a portion of vanilla ice-cream and some fresh fruit. This dessert is usually prepared for special events or festivities, such as Ramadan.

Sholeh zard 

The name of this Persian dessert refers to a saffron rise pudding, usually served during Ramadan and Shabe Yalda (Yalda Night). This last festivity takes place on the longest night of the year to celebrate the beginning of Winter. It contains various spices, like cinnamon and saffron, and some dried fruit, such as almond and, of course, pistachio, granting to the dessert a delicate flavor.

Carbonara with chopped pistachios and pasta with pistachio pesto 

Carbonara, as you might know, is one of the most loved italian types of pasta. Coming directly from Rome, this dish is usually prepared with a cream of egg yolks and pecorino cheese, and some cheak lard brown. At this festival carbonara will be presented with delicious pistachio grains, that will make it even more tasty! In addition to this dish, some pistachio pesto pasta will also be offered. In this last dish, you will enjoy the aromatic flavour and the bright green colour of the pistachio pesto, and you’ll probably fall in love with it!

Octopus burger with pistachio bread 

Here’s a twist on the standard boring burger!  This version includes pistachio cream in a pistachio bun, with some delicious grilled octopus. This recipe will surely give to the sandwich an unusual taste that will whet your appetite!

Palermitan pistachio arancino

The Arancino is one of the most traditional and appreciated street food of the Sicilian gastronomy. It’s a portion of fried rice, usually filled with meat sauce and caciocavallo cheese. During the Pistachio Street Food Festival it will be presented in a different version: with smocked ham and pistachio grains. They’re crunchy on the outside and tender on the inside.

Turkish Baklava 

Although the exact orgins of this dish remain uncertain between Greece and Balkans countries, the most famous version of this dessert still is the Turkish one. Eating it will make you feel like you’re in Istanbul! The dessert consists in a thin filo pastry sheets, brushed with butter, folded, layered and filled with ground pistachios, walnuts or heavy cream made. It is then baked and a syrup is poured over it. If you are a lover of sweet foods, this one surely is for you!


The empanadas bring us directly to Argentina! it’s a emblematic Argentinian street food characterised by the typical crescent shape and a varied and tasty filling,  widespread in many South American countries. The most popular version is cooked with meat, onions, peppers and cumin, and for this occasion it will be served with chopped pistachio on the surface.

Pizza with mortadella & pistachio 

If pizza hasn’t already made you fall in love during the True Italian Pizza Week, this time it surely will! You’ll have the opportunity to try one of the most tasty pizza flavour on earth: pizza with mortadella, mozzarella and grains of pistachio. A real delicacy you should taste!

Sicilian cannolo

The list does not end here! After some Turkish and Lebanese dessert, you can’t miss the king of  Sicilian pastries: the cannolo. This dessert is for sure one of the most beloved in Italy, because it’s made of many traditionals ingredients. The recipe may differ from city to city, but the cannolo is usually made of a tube-shaped fried wafer, filled with sheep’s ricotta cheese, candied fruits and pistachio crumbs.


And last but not least, during this festival you can try some burritos, coming directly from Mexican tradition. This delicious dish is made with a rolled tortilla, filled with beef mince, potatoes, peppers and mixed beans in mild chilli sauce. For this occasion the burritos will be served with a pistachio sauce on the side.

Are you also willing to try all these super tasty foods?! Enjoy your pistachio experience!