Wine tasting, ice-cream specialties, limonata… Here’s the most refreshing True Italian Food News of the week!

True Italian Food News: our must-go for the weekend!

After a long week of work, it’s time to relax and enjoy the culinary highlights Berlin has to offer this weekend. Just like every week, True Italian will take you on a culinary journey into the Italian tradition. Follow us!

Capri D.O.C. white wine tasting at Altrovino Wine Bar

Tired of the heat in Berlin? Need a holiday? Go and cool off at the wine tasting organised by Altrovino! On Sunday 14th of August from 6 pm, Andrea Koch, founder of the Scala Fenicia winery, will guide you to discover the unique and inimitable Capri D.O.C. white wine. It is the only D.O.C. white wine produced on the stunning Capri, the most famous island in the Gulf of Naples, and you will be able to taste four different vintages: 2016, 2018, 2019 and 2020. All this for just 20€. Don’t miss out!

New ice cream-burgers in Zàgara

Have you ever tried an ice-cream-filled burger? In Sicily, this is the perfect remedy against hot, sunny days, and Gelateria Zàgara has brought this tradition to Berlin just for you. Enjoy the typical warm brioche filled with your favourite flavour of homemade ice cream! Tradition dictates that the brioche should be eaten for breakfast, to start off the day with the right foot, but it is also suitable as a refreshing snack or as a ‘light’ lunch or dinner.


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New refreshing drinks, old recipes

The typical Sicilian brioche is not, however, the only new arrival from the island. Another brand-new summer highlight awaits you at Barettino: Bibite Polara’s limonatas. The recipes are based on old, traditional Sicilian recipes and a palette of flavours is available: limonata, aranciata, chinotto… With the harmonious new bottle design, it will be a pleasure not only for the palate, but also for the eye. Go check it out!


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Malafemmena’s new saucy specialities

Big news coming from Malafemmena. They want to come even closer to the Neapolitan tradition, enriching and expanding their menu. They will use the seven most typical types of Italian tomatoes (piennolo, pelato romano, San Marzano, pomodoro riccio casertano, pizzutello, corbarini, datterino giallo) and create a new menu dedicated exclusively to fried and baked pizza. Preview of these upcoming new products: Pizza Scarpariello. The key to the tastiness of this pizza lies in the base sauce, the Scarpariello sauce, prepared with yellow datterini, pecorino romano, guanciale, garlic, parmesan, and a pinch of chilli. On top, Provola cheese and basil. Enjoy the first of many new specialties coming soon!

Playlist for summer 2022: Cafetti Berlin ft. Duo Sicilian Ice Cream

Cafetti and Duo Sicilian Ice Cream are ready to offer you a remedy for summer tiredness.  Dark chocolate, almond pistachio cream with a pistachio glazing: bittersweet, refreshing, ideal to re-energize our sweet-toothed readers. Go and enjoy it at Cafetti in Kreuzberg!


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When life gives you lemons, make Pizza Amalfi

Another fruitful collaboration comes from Gemello and Cucina Inflagranti and concerns the much-loved Pizza Amalfi. From now on, this vegan pizza, Gemello’s original recipe with vegan mozzarella cream, parsley pesto, fresh mint and lacto-fermented lemon, will be on the menu at Cucina Inflagranti. As the creators of this pizza recommend, let’s taste it with a glass of cool white wine!


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