New opening, pizza fritta, weekend happy our and many other news! Here for you the True Italian Food News

True Italian food news: all you can’t leave behind this weekend!

Berlin is always on the move also when it comes to food, like us! Do you want to feel a little bit in Italy before your vacation?

New opening, same quality: Duo Sicilian Ice Cream announces a new shop in town

In Italy we say: there’s no two without a three! The third ice cream shop of Duo Sicilian Ice Cream is located in Maybachufer 3, one of the most suggestive place in Berlin on the Landwehr Canal. What a feeling to taste a good artisanal ice cream along the river! Take advantage of the sunny weekend, it’s gonna be hot!


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Did someone say Italian Aperitivo? No worries MeadEATerranean Trip will soothe your soul!

As usual MeadEATerranean Trip is ready in Friedrichshain to satisfy your need for Italian Aperitif! From Friday to Sunday, starting from 6pm, the offer is a rich buffet, a lot of variety, diverse Italian specialties plus a drink of your choice for just 12,50€! All you can eat but 100% Italian. In Gabriel Marx Straße 19, you’re not gonna regret it!


A new menu is waiting for you at Malafemmena

One of the best pizza in town has to be paired with the best natural wines available in Berlin! Available starting from June 14th. In the land of the beers, what’s more Italian then drink an amazing wine together with a stunning pizza? Watch out! You need to reserve a table to enjoy this menu, also vegetarian options are available of course. Go get a table!

Pizzeria Berlin presents the pizza speciale!

Zucchini, gorgonzola, fior di latte, basilico and oregano. Fresh feelings on top of a pizza, a white one, perfect to enjoy all the tasteful Mediterranean ingredients this pizza is made of. The intensity of the Italian blue cheese, smothered by all the greens, in a sweet harmony! Don’t miss it, reserve a table for the weekend.


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Montanarina Special is a magic word at Mater

Do you know what an Italian montanara is? It’s basically a fried and baked pizza chunk topped with whatever will make you feels good! The new montanara by Mater is topped with one of the flagship ingredients from the South, the stracciatella, another classic from Northern Itali, the mortadella, a delicious pistachio crumble and last but not least some lime zest on top. Wathchout, it’s not written on the menu! It’s like in a Speakeasy, you have t as for a “montanarina special” to their staff. A magic word that is definitely the foodp**n asset you were looking for. Treat yourself!

Boet Zow Privat’s new menu is ready to surprise you

Boet Zow Privat is here with some mouthwatering news: the brand new menu! Colorful and curated new dishes for you, a variety of proposals from the land to the sea, it would be a pity not to taste them all!


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