Restaurants are finally opening again!

We are so happy to write this: Restaurants are opening again in Berlin

We have been waiting for this moment to arrive for 6 long months but that time has finally arrived. Restaurants in Berlin are opening their doors – more precisely their terraces – again today (21.05). Now that we know that this is a closed deal, how do we act whenever we wanna go back to our favourite True Italian restaurant? To help you organize your next lunch/dinner out, we have prepared a little instruction manual for you.

How to eat at a restaurant in Berlin during covid-times

Even though restaurants are welcoming us again, it doesn’t mean we can mindlessly rush there. There are in fact some practical rules that need to be followed, to eat all safe and sound at our tables:

  1. A negative Corona Test. You will always need to have a valid corona test with you. That means not older than 24hrs and with written proof of it.  (here where you can reserve your covid test)
  2. Maximum 5 people of 2 households at the same table. People sitting at the same table can’t be more than five and from more than two different households. Children under 14 y.o., as well as vaccinated and recovered people, are not counted. 
  3. Wear your mask! Don’t forget to wear a mask every time you move around the restaurant. (only FFP2 will be accepted).

These are the main three. Save the next picture and get fully ready for your restaurant experience!

The True Italian restaurants you can visit in the next sunny days

Now that you are ready to go, it’s time to decide where to go eating first and we are happy to help you out. On this website, you can find a complete list of all the True Italian restaurant in Berlin. Click here to discover them all and reserve your table!