The vegan ice cream flavours for the Berlin Ice Cream Week 2022

Sorbet or creamy, the vegan ice cream is now a total HIT, and during the Berlin Ice Cream Week, you will be spoilt for choice!

Among the 37 extraordinary ice cream flavours presented during the Berlin Ice Cream Week 2022 (May 5-11), the little green leaf could not miss. We are of course talking about the 12 vegan participating flavours, which are pretty much the most anticipated of the entire event. Here’s then for you a list of all the vegan flavours, available during the Berlin Ice Cream Week, starting next Thursday 5th.

To get to know all the ice cream shops participating and their specialities click here.

• Duo Sicilian Ice Cream – Pistachio pesto

This fine flavour has the intense taste of Sicily and the distinctive aroma of pistachio expanses! Is this heaven?

• Gianni Eis – Raspberry with ginger

All the flavour of raspberries in delicious ice cream with a bright colour. A touch of ginger makes it refreshing and perfect for spring days!

• Green Scoop – Salty Peanut Butter

If you love the sweet-salty combination, you cannot miss the chance to try this amazing taste with a strong peanut flavour, naturally enhanced by salt!


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• Süsse Sünde – Green Smoothie

You’ve never tried a sorbet like this! Kiwi, apple, lime, and mint ensure make this flavour delightful, but there are two more unexpected ingredients. Will you be able to guess all the ingredients?

• Chunks by KoRo – Nutty Crunchy Jelly (peanut butter ice cream, crunchy peanut butter, cacao nibs cups and strawberry jam swirls)

A delicious flavour inspired by a classic of the American tradition, peanut butter and jam, majestically topped with crispy chips.


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• Lecko Mio Gelateria – Pistachio and raspberries

According to the chromatic theory, red and green are complementary colours and, indeed, the combination of raspberries and pistachios couldn’t generate anything but a work of art in the shape of ice cream with an addictive taste!

• Spoonfull Berlin – Coconut and Tamarind

This is the perfect ice cream for those who love to experience different flavours from around the world: two ingredients often associated with oriental cuisine give a tropical touch that turns this ice cream into a fascinating journey!

• Tanne B Eis – Banana brownie fudge

Try to imagine a tender brownie with a delicate banana taste combined with the chewy texture of fudge. Don’t worry if you can’t stop your mouth from watering, this ice cream will leave you speechless!

• Zagara – Bitter Pink (pink grapefruit with gentian, cinchona and rhubarb infusion)

This ice cream hides the taste of citrus and balsamic liqueur, dry but enveloping, with notes of sweetness that soften its flavour. An unusual aroma, which makes its taste unique!


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• Kiez Eis – Hazelnut Stracciatella

This flavour matches the taste of young and adults: when you combine the chocolate chips of a creamy Stracciatella with the strong taste of hazelnut, success is guaranteed!

• Eisfreunde – Lemon and Basil

This ice cream smells like spring! The match between the bitterness of the lemon and the fresh and pleasant aroma of basil recreates the delicate and sweet taste of these spring days.


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• Katchi Ice Cream – Unicorn Breakdown (fruity fusion ice cream with popping candy)

A fruity fusion cheered up by the candies that all children love! That’s what you need to turn your day right! This taste will make this Ice Cream Week even more fun.

• Lekkamokka Eismanufaktur – Dark Chocolate and spicy Habanero (non-spicy option available)

Among the endless flavours, chocolate matches with spicy is perhaps its best partner. Designed for the most daring, this ice cream flavour is perfect for those who like to add a bit of spice to their day!

That’s it vegan ice cream lovers! These flavours are just waiting for you. Which one do we start with?