The most famous Italian desserts worldwide

The excellence of Italian Cuisine: desserts deserve a place of honour among the worldwide most famous and most appreciated Italian culinary products.

Italian cuisine is among the most famous all over the world: its tradition and history are ancient, the food unique and inimitable. A special place must be reserved to desserts, for which Italians have specific food customs: they are not used to having desserts every day, they belong to special occasion or to a restaurant dinner. Often fruit or even cheese are preferred, but nevertheless Italian desserts are worldwide appreciated and imitated.

Which are actually the most famous and why?

Among all Italian desserts, which are the most famous? Starting from the top, we find Tiramisù, a typical venetian dessert made with Savoyards, coffee, and mascarpone cheese. Then we have Cassata and Cannoli (which are traditional Sicilian desserts), Pastiera (from Naples), Panna Cotta, Zuppa Inglese, Granita and, of course, Gelato. All these desserts have a long tradition and history, and there are regional differences, which go further than just setting discrepancies in the recipes. You will find some desserts only in specific Italian regions: for example, authentic Cassata is Sicilian, and it is unlikely to be found as good elsewhere.

Tiramisù: how the most famous Italian desserts has changed throughout time and places

Of course, desserts recipes has been influenced throughout the years. Let us take into consideration Tiramisù, which is without a doubt the most famous Italian dessert in the world. Being this well known, its tradition has been imitated and revisited multiple times, by Italians themselves but also in foreign countries. The original Venetian recipe with ladyfingers and coffee has often been altered: some have baked it with fruit such as strawberry and oranges, some with nuts, some even with green tea leaves; others have tried it with marzipan, or created an ice cream version. The most innovative and different is the Tiramisù Martini, something in the middle between a dessert and a cocktail, in case you have any difficulties choosing.

What makes Italian desserts exceptionally special

Some might wonder what makes Italian food, and especially desserts, so peculiar and well-known, at least more than others. We already know that Italian cuisine is generally considered to be unique and inimitable, but desserts have an exceptionally long history and tradition: this, together with the fresh ingredients which are employed in every recipe, make Italian desserts worldwide appreciated and recognised. The food customs and the art of pastry, which are typically Italian, enrich desserts with a feeling of authenticity and genuineness, which is not so common and keeps people coming back for more.

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