Vegan ice cream and ideas for the 1st of May. The True Italian Food News of the week in Berlin!

Foodies foodies, still undecided on what to do? Get ready because our week #trueitalian has just begun! All the news you need to know to live it to the fullest are below. Pss.. for the May Day there’s a lot more!

Vegans, you have been chosen!

Important reminder: with just 1€ per scoop, from Thursday 5 to Wednesday 11 May you can delight the special flavors prepared for the Berlin Ice Cream Week 2022. Dear Vegans, after having the map of the 37 artisanal ice cream shops in your hands, just look for the emoji ? to find all the vegan tastes! Are you curious and eager for ice cream? Check it out!

“Liberation Berlin” with Sicula Bar

Live May the 1st and let Actors for Chaos do their work! From the idea of celebrating freedom, peace, democracy and memory comes a show dominated by actors, musicians, associations, artists and many great guests. The interchange of activities, workshops, gastronomic standards and handicrafts await you! And for the little ones a succession of workshops, theater performances and even soap bubbles! Among the gastronomic standards Sicula Bar certainly could not miss to delight the day with tasty delicacies. Even more curious? More information and schedule here.


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20cm of Crocchettone at Malafemmena Schöneberg

Just one word: Crocchettone! Street food of the Neapolitan rotisserie, a huge breaded potato croquette, fried, delicately cut in half and stuffed to taste. Accompanying Malafemmena on this tantalizing journey is the least to make love with a soft and stringy heart.

Happy birthday Birra Italian Craft Beer!

Birra blows out its 6th candle and organizes a cosmic party. From 19:00 on April 30 an atmosphere of celebration and originality will flood on Saturday night! Dj Musica Matta, Ercole and UBBBRRRU will be the perfect soundtrack to enjoy a nice beer (and many more).

Mamida, one of the “38 essential restaurants” according to Eater

Mamida is a concentrate of tastes, goodness, pleasure and appetite that never ceases to amaze… Eater, the well-known international food magazine, ranked Mamida as “One of the 38 essential restaurants in Berlin”. In fact, “stands above competitors” for its “funky menu that mixes the classic margherita with options such as blue cheese fondue, radicchio and pickled pear”. His “creative toppings shine on the fluffy but crispy dough” along with “craft beers and bright Italian wines”. All Italian honor and pride!


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Special event with Tiny’s Pizza

Still no luck on May Day? Tiny’s Pizza in Mitte seizes the moment! In Rosenthaler Strasse, Margherita, Aperol Spritz and Sangria from 12:00 to 22:00 to live the day with an extra gear.

Standard Serious Pizza, are you serious?

What is being prepared? A new menu to try! A mélange of appetizing and succulent flavors to enjoy slowly and bit after bite! Insert on your maps “Templiner Str. 7” is all you need to discover what Standard Serious Pizza has to reveal.

Enjoy the #trueitalianfoodies weekend and see you next week!