World Pasta Days, in 10 German cities the party of the best gluten free, bio and whole wheat pasta recipes

To celebrate the World Pasta Day on the 25th of October the Italian trade agency and True Italian are organizing an Event centred on the symbol of Italian cuisine: Pasta!

Gluten-free spaghetti with rocket pesto, citruses and mixed roasted seeds, organic chick peas fettucine with rocket and pistachios pesto, cherry tomatoes and buffalo burrata and pistachio grains, organic ravioli with burrata, ricotta and scampi au gratin…These are only some of the specialities which will be offered during the World Pasta Days Germany, an event organized by the Italian Trade Agency together with True Italian in occasion of the World Pasta day on the 25th of October.

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The dish offered by Lagalante in Berlin: Chestnutflour Tortelli with pumpkin, Shrimps, Schimeji-mushrooms and Stracciatella

World Pasta Day: how it works

Over 30 restaurants in 10 German cities will be taking part in the event (Berlin, Hamburg, Essen, Leipzig, Dortmund, Dusseldorf, Cologne, Frankfurt am Main, Stuttgart and Munich). The event lasts a whole week, from the 19th to the 25th of October: the selected restaurants will be offering a pasta speciality, including gluten-free, organic and whole wheat recipes (scroll down to see them all!). This initiative is the perfect opportunity to celebrate a food which is healthy, complete, and suitable for all! To take part in the event you will just have to go to one of the participating restaurants and ask for the pasta dish of the event.

The dish offered by Arturo1919 in Hamburg: Whole wheat-“Sagne ‘ncannulate” from Salento with wild broccoli pesto, shrimps and Cardoncelli-mushrooms

World Pasta Day, why Pasta as a choice

The 25th October event will be the 22nd edition of the World Pasta Day, which is celebrated every year on the same day all over the world. It is just natural to wonder, why so much attention is payed to such a simple nourishment, which is the base of every Italian’s daily diet. Pasta is globally consumed, but the Italian version is certainly unique: with all its varieties and recipes it has become the symbol of an entire culture. Such a daily nutrient led to the development of a culinary tradition which becomes with time more and more creative, and which makes Italian pasta worldwide known and incomparable. The purpose of this initiative is not only to bring the public closer to the main Italian dish, in its multiple variants, but also to raise awareness on the properties of pasta as a nutrient for a complete and well-balanced diet. Including organic, gluten-free, and whole wheat dishes shows how versatile and suitable for all pasta really is.

The dish offered by Limoni in Munich: Bio-Eggs-Tortellini stuffed with pumpkin, parmesan, mustard from Cremona and nutmeg

The Italian Trade Agency

The Italian Trade Agency (in Italian “Istituto nazionale per il Commercio Estero” – I.C.E.) is the Italian institute through which the government promotes trade and Italian activities in foreign countries, as well as business and industrial opportunities between Italian and foreign companies. The institute supports the internationalization of Italian industries and their affirmation in foreign markets, also by organizing events which bring out Made in Italy excellencies abroad. The World Pasta Days event, together with True Italian, is an occasion not only to promote Italian restaurants abroad, but also to value the cultural tradition of a whole country.

The dish offered by Valle in Stuttgart: Bio-spelt-Spaghetti with swordfish, eggplants, tomatoes, basil and pine nuts

World Pasta Days Germany

From 19th to 25th of October

In all mentioned restaurants an organic, whole wheat or gluten-free pasta dish

Facebook event

List of the participating restaurants with addresses, opening hours and recipes


 Grunewaldstraße 82, 10823 Berlin
 Tuesday-Sunday 18-23
 Chestnutflour Tortelli with pumpkin, Shrimps, Schimeji-mushrooms and Stracciatella

MedEATerranean Trip
 Gabriel-Max-Straße 19, 10245 Berlin
 Monday-Thursday 18-23, Friday-Sunday 12-23
 Gluten-free Linguine alla Norcina (with homemade Salsiccia, and Grana Padano foam)

Tavernetta Azara
 Westfälische Str. 51, 10711 Berlin
 Tuesday-Sunday 16-23
 Whole wheat spaghetti with mixed vegetables and mozzarella

Vino e basilico
 Tucholskystraße 18/20, 10117 Berlin
 Monday-Friday 12-14:30 and 17-23, Saturday 17-23
 Bio-spaghetti with tomatocream (yellow and red tomatoes), roasted pine nuts, lavander and smoked Ricotta


 Große Brunnenstraße 105, 22763 Hamburg
 Monday-Saturday 17-23
 Whole wheat-“Sagne ‘ncannulate” from Salento with wild broccoli pesto, shrimps and Cardoncelli-mushrooms

La Vela
 Große Elbstraße 27, 22767 Hamburg
 Every day 12-23
 Gluten-free penne with octopus-Ragout and fennel

 Henny Schütz Straße 7, 22419 Hamburg
 Thursday and Saturday 18-21
 Chick-peas flour Strozzapreti (gluten-free) with mixed mushrooms and chickpeas puree


Limoni ristorante
 Amalienstrasse 38, 80799, Munchen
 Monday-Saturday 18:30-23
 Bio-Eggs-Tortellini stuffed with pumpkin, parmesan, mustard from Cremona and nutmeg

Ristorante Martinelli
 Wilhelm-Dieß-Weg 2, 81927 München
 Monday-Friday 12-14:30 and 18:30-23, Saturday 18:30-23
 Bio-Spaghetti “Aglio & Olio” (with garlic, olive oil and chili pepper)

Trattoria Bellini
 Nymphenburgerstrasse 120, 80636, Muchen
 Monday 11:30-14:30 and 18-23:30, Tuesday-Sunday 11:30-23:30
 Gluten-free Spaghetti with garlic, olive oil, chili pepper and chestnuts


Ristorante Davide
 Schillingstraße 45, 50670 Köln
 Monday-Saturday 12-15 and 18-22.30
 Bio-Paccheri with fresh artichokes and pickled sardines from Sciacca

Trattoria Bellavista Colonia
 Sülzburgstraße 200, 50937 Köln
 Every day 17-22
 Gluten-free Fusilli with Scampi, buffalo mozzarella and rocket

Trattoria Casa Di Modica
 Friesenwall 104, 50672 Köln
 Monday-Friday 12-15 and 18-22:30, Saturday 12-15 and 18-22
 Gluten-free Tagliatelle with scallop from the Mediterranean


 Gunthersburgalle 25, 60316, Frankfurt am Main
 Every day from 17
 Pumpkin Bio-Gnocchetti with a butter&sage sauce

Il Gargano
 Louisenstrass 9 61348, Frankfurt
 Monday-Sunday 11:30-15 and 17:30-22
 Whole wheat-Spaghetti with salmon and roasted almond on a leek cream

La Perla Nera
 Triebstrasse 36 60388 Frankfurt
 Every day from 11:30
 Whole wheat-Pennette with Salsiccia and chicory

Louis Italian dining
 Louisenstrasse 80-82, 61348, Frankfurt
 Monday-Saturday 11:30-14:30 and 18:30-22:30, Sunday 11:30-22
 Bio-hardwheat-Linguine with cauliflower, Sardines, Lemon, and crumbs of garlic bread

Questione di gusto
 Liebfrauenberg 37, 60313, Frankfurt am main
 Monday-Friday 11:30-15 and 18-23, Saturday 18-23
Gluten-free OR whole wheat spaghetti with sole fish and lemon flavoured shrimps

Questione di gusto
 Hügelstraße 2-8, 60435 Frankfurt
 Monday-Friday 11:30-15 and 18-23, Saturday 18-23
 Gluten- free OR whole wheat spaghetti with sole fish and lemon flavoured shrimps


La Piazza
 Charlottenstrasse 1, 70182 Stuttgart
 Every day 11:30-23:30
 Whole wheat Fusilli with fillet and tomatoes

 Gaishammerstrasse 14, 70186 Stuttgart
 Tuesday-Friday and Sunday 12-14:30 and 18-23, Saturday 18-23
 Bio-Ravioli with Burrata, Ricotta and Scampi au gratin

 Geschwister-Scholl-Str. 3, 70174, Stuttgard
 Tuesday-Thursday 11-01
 Bio-spelt-Spaghetti with swordfish, eggplants, tomatoes, basil and pine nuts


Da Giacomo
 Neusser Tor 17A, 40625, Dusseldorf
 Tuesday-Thursday 12-15 and 18-23
 Bio-chickpeas Fettuccine with rocket and pistachio pesto, cherry tomatoes, buffalo burrata and chopped pistachios

Ristorante L’arte in Cucina
 Gerricusplatz 6, 40625, Dusseldorf
 Monday-Tuesday and Friday-Saturrday 12-14:30 and 17:30-22:30, Sunday 18-22:30
 Gluten-free Spaghetti with rocket pesto, citrus and mixed roasted nuts

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